Don’t be a Lemming, Drive Safely and be Safe in Northern Cyprus

By Chris Elliott……..

John Snowby a retired UK policeman living in the TRNC who was a Senior Investigating Officer tasked with an overseeing role for all serious accidents including fatal and serious injury accidents in the northern region of the UK and I recently wrote an article calling for better driving standards in the TRNC. Click here to read this article.

This article which received many hundreds of readings was published in and and also shared in many social, media pages where it received many complimentory comments and also calls for it to be published in Turkish which we hope to do very soon.

Today we hear reports of yet another major accident in the mountains and one of our readers sent us the following dash/cam video he made with the following comment which was shared in Facebook and when you watch the video it is clear that there were many moments when accidents could have occurred.

“The Degirmenlik mountain road last Monday 12th December heading towards Girne and the risks people take.

All overtaking on bends with cars coming round at the same time.

Very dangerous. I had one car behind me flashing at me trying to force me to overtake when I know there are solid white lines and a triple bend coming. I backed him off with my hazard lights and wasn’t very nice with my hand signals!

In this video nobody pays attention to the white lines and the lorry in the first clip, well,  just look at his manoeuvre just after he overtakes. Unbelievable!”

One thing is for sure that the story of Lemmings committing suicide may be a myth but people when they drive act just like Lemmings and dash on without consideration of what danger may be ahead.

Despite some technical difficulties which causes this video to freeze a couple of times, do please watch it to the end to see the risks people take just to rush on like the Lemmings in the video below.