March 23, 2023

By Chris Elliott…….

Here we are on the eve of UN brokered peace talks to be held in Switzerland between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Leaders and it seems yet again that a Greek Cypriot group with their dreams of domination in Cyprus have scored another own goal.

Picture courtesy of the TRNC Public Information Office

“The Greek Cypriot Football Federation (KOP) has threatened to severely punish those travelling from Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus..

According to the Greek Cypriot Alithia newspaper, the KOP Executive Board announced that members of the federation who travel from Ercan Airport, either in groups or individually, will be fined ten thousand Euros for the first time, and that in the event of recurrence, their membership will be terminated.

According to the report, the decision was taken after the memorandum dated July 31, 2014 was sent to all federations and the Greek Cypriot Olympic Committee (KOE) by the Greek Cypriot Sports Federation (KOA). In addition, the memorandum warned all travellers to avoid transit through Ercan Airport to participate in sports competitions in Turkey, and called for punishment for anyone caught taking electronic visas instead of the airports in Greece.

Alithia noted that despite the fact that it has been two years since the memorandum was published, it has not been adopted by all the federations.”

Here we go again more Trojan horses being placed in the path of those forward thinking people who just want to live in peace with their neighbours and find an amicable agreement to resolve a 42 year old problem when Turkey intervened in 1974 to stop those Greek Cypriots who wanted Enosis  with Greece and sought to implement the Akritas Plan click here which called for the annihilation or removal of all Turkish Cypriots from Cyprus.

When will these bigoted and self seeking people ever learn that hatred and violence does not resolve problems it just makes them worse.

2 thoughts on “Greek Cypriot Football Federation to punish those who travel from Ercan Airport

  1. When they have the backing of a bigoted and racist regime like FIFA then nothing surprises the footballing world. When PM Gordon Brown tried to intervene to let Luton FC play a game of football and it had to be called off at kick off because of these bigoted b******s or now when TRNC football and the footballing world will not surrender to these b*****d adults of hatred. Football 1 – 0 Greek Cypriot FA

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