Cyprus Dispute – Turkish Cypriot Platform “We do not give an Inch of Ground”

Cyprus Dispute – Turkish Cypriot Platform

“We do not give an Inch of Ground”

GüzelyurtThe Turkish Cypriot platform “We do not give an inch of ground” comprising residents of Morphou [Güzelyurt] on Sunday held a protest on the northern side of Zodia [Bostanci] border crossing to demonstrate against giving the town back under a Cyprus solution.

According to CNA, a spokesman for the group of residents said that they wanted to convey the message that they would not accept handing over one inch of land to the Cyprus Church or to the Greek Cypriots.

Morphou-GüzelyurtThey also called on the Turkish Cypriot leadership to clearly state that Morphou [Güzelyurt] would remain under a Turkish Cypriot constituent state because they didn’t want to become refugees again.

Last Sunday during an event for Greek Cypriots who had to flee the town in 1974, President Nicos Anastasiades said there would be no Cyprus solution without the return of Morphou to Greek Cypriot administration. Turkish Cypriots who would have to move, he said, would be fully supported.

Source: Cyprus Mail