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Griffin goes to the UK courtesy of Kyrenia Pet Travel

By Kim Betts……..
KAR Pet Travel………

Recently Neil and Tracy came into to see me at KAR Pet Travel looking for help. Neil and Tracy had to return to the UK very quickly and wanted to take griffintheir Shar Pei – Griffin with them. I sat and talked through the various options with them and it became clear that Griffin would need to go into boarding for a short while until his flight could be organised. I put them in touch with a boarding kennels and we settled down to check all of Griffin’s papers. Neil and Tracy had already had all of his preparations done just in case they needed to go at any point – I just wished more owners would do this as it can save so much time if/when they do NEED to return to the UK/EU – especially at short notice.

It was agreed that Griffin would fly from Ercan on Sept 7th – not even 2 weeks from the initial appointment. His kennelling was arranged and all that was needed was for a suitable box to be found.

Because he is considered a “snub nose” breed I recommended that he should have a box larger than his actual size required. This allows for better ventilation and helps with keeping the pets cool which also reduces their stress levels. It became clear that the standard plastic boxes would be too small for Griffin. There was not enough time to have a new wooden box made so out came the measuring tapes to find a suitable 2nd hand one from our stock. Luckily we did have one that fitted. However Griffin was not too keen on the look of it and Neil wanted to make sure that Griffin would be comfy and would feel safe in the box – he didn’t want him travelling in pauper class. Together they tried the box for size!!!!


It fitted like a glove, well almost!

Thanks to Neil’s efforts Griffin was made to feel comfortable with the box and when he came into the office on the 7th September he went quite happily into his travel box. Mind you I do wonder if he thought that Neil was still inside it waiting for him.

Editors note:

Kim said “Griffin left the TRNC on time and has already now been collected by his owners from Heathrow. He was a last minute urgent booking and we would ask those people who may be considering taking pets away from the TRNC to make preparations early just in case they needed to go sooner rather than later.