February 7, 2023

Özgürgün: “Güzelyurt will remain a district of the TRNC”

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün stated that while territorial and border adjustments are open to negotiation, the return of Güzelyurt or any other part of the TRNC is not within the parameters of the settlement talks. “Our investments will continue in Güzelyurt.  It has been a district of the TRNC for 42 years and will continue to remain as a district” said Özgürgün.

Huseyin Ozgurgun

“The Turkish Cypriot people are a part of the great Turkish nation, and we also have the right of self-determination when necessary. Nobody should be allowed to impose upon and divide the Turkish Cypriot people.”

Responding to a question on the third round natural gas tender of the Greek Cypriot administration and Turkey’s reaction in this regard, Özgürgün said that they have warned the Greek Cypriot side that they cannot continue with their unilateral treatment of this jointly-owned resource without repercussions.

Addressing questions as to whether the Greek Cypriots have demonstrated genuine will for a solution, Özgürgün stated that a mutually-acceptable settlement cannot be achieved if the Greek Cypriot side maintain total sovereignty and treat the Turkish Cypriot community as a minority on the island.

Pointing out that the Turkish Cypriot side have consistently shown their will for a solution at the negotiating table, Özgürgün criticised elements of the Greek Cypriot side for behaving as though they have “Only considered how to make Cyprus a Hellenic island instead of forging a lasting peace.”

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2 thoughts on “TRNC News 5.8.2016 Ozgurgun “Guzelyurt will remain district of TRNC”

  1. I like to hear the definite and positive views and answers of the Prime Minister, Huseyin Ozgurgan

  2. There will never be a settlement on the island if politicians on either side of the Green Line keep putting down “red lines” and saying never….
    Although some politicians might gain by seeing the North assimilated as a province of Turkey,as they would have a bigger stage to play on!

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