TRNC News 1.7.2016 – Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu signed the book of condolence

Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu signed the book of condolence

Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu signed the book of condolence at the Embassy of Turkey in Lefkoşa in memory of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack in İstanbul Atatürk Airport.

Ertugruloglu signs condolence book

Minister Ertuğruloğlu stated: “The vicious attack in our motherland, Turkey, shows that terrorism is a threat for peace and security and a shame for humanity. The Turkish Cypriot people deeply feel the pain caused by terror. We strongly condemn all forms of terrorism; it has no nation and no religion. We call for these atrocious and woeful attacks to stop.

On behalf of myself and the Turkish Cypriot people I wish that God’s peace rests on all the victims and families of those who died in this attack. We offer our condolences to the Turkish Nation and wish a quick recovery to those who are wounded.”

Leaders to meet today

President Mustafa Akıncı and the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades are meeting again today within the framework of the intensified negotiation process.

Leaders meet today 1st July

The meeting will be held at the building allocated by the UN for the negotiations, in the buffer zone.

The Leaders and their teams will begin to discuss the property chapter, as well as the issue of federal competencies. It is the first time that the property issue is discussed at the Leaders’ level.

Two out of three suspects of Talat case were acquitted

Two of the three ELAM members who were arrested and charged following an attack on the 2nd Turkish Cypriot President, Mehmet Ali Talat, at a conference in Limassol on 26 March 2014, have been declared innocent by a Greek Cypriot court.

Talat attack case

The Limassol District Court judge indicated that the Greek Cypriot police mishandled the case on the day and also failed to properly investigate the incident.

According to the judge’s report, clear evidence could not be obtained as important witnesses broke the law and did not tell the truth.

Stating that the final decision did not surprise him, Mehmet Ali Talat, the second President of the TRNC, stated: “Who did they charge today? The police did not attempt to prevent the incident. Everybody in the conference hall saw the incident – it was impossible for them not to see it.”

TCCC: “An emergency action plan is needed to counter the attacks and hate speeches which are damaging the trust between the communities”

Regarding the attacks towards Turkish Cypriots and their vehicles, the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) called for an emergency action plan to prevent incidents which are causing tension between the two communities on the island.


According to the written statement by the TCCC, there are two important aspects to creating a consensus on the island: as well as mutual understanding, it is important that both communities come together to make a deal.

The statement stressed that as well as the “continual attacks on Turkish Cypriots and their vehicles, ELAM have successfully entered the Greek Cypriot parliament and some educational institutions based on a hostile agenda which damages the trust between the two communities. To counter this, the authorities must take comprehensive and radical measures without delay”.

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