TRNC News 30.6.2016 – Akinci condemned terror attack in Istanbul

Akıncı condemned terror attack in İstanbul

President Mustafa Akıncı has condemned the terror attack in Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

Akinci condemned terror attack

President Akıncı stated that the deadly attack was malicious and barbaric, hurt innocent people who were injured and lost their lives while travelling to reach their loved ones, and hindered the steps taken by all humanity for peace and cooperation in the world.

Indicating that the timing of the attack was remarkable as it came when positive developments were taking place in Turkey’s foreign diplomacy, President Akıncı added “The whole world should work together in solidarity to uphold universal values in the fight against terrorism. With these thoughts and feelings I condemn the horrifying terror attack in İstanbul on behalf of myself and the Turkish Cypriot people.”

Prime Minister Özgürgün sent a message of condolence to Yıldırım

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün has sent a message of condolence to the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yıldırım expressing his sorrow for the deadly terror attack in İstanbul Atatürk Airport.

Ozgurgun message of condolence

Özgürgün also signed the book of condolence at the Embassy of Turkey in Lefkoşa.

Foreign Ministry: “Turkish Cypriot people condemn the terror attack in İstanbul”

The TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the deadly terror attack in Turkey and issued a letter of condolence for those who lost their lives in İstanbul Atatürk Airport.

Foreign Ministry condemn attack

The condolence message from the Ministry stated: “the outrageous terror attack in İstanbul Atatürk Airport, which caused the loss of so many lives, deeply saddens the Turkish Cypriot People. We share the grief of Turkey and also strongly condemn this vicious attack. We wish that God’s peace rests on all the victims and families of those who died in this attack. We offer our condolences to the Turkish Nation and wish a quick recovery to those who are wounded.”

Obama: “The USA pledges to continue supporting efforts to reunify Cyprus”

The US President Barack Obama stated that he remains fully committed to supporting Cypriot-led efforts to reunify the island as a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation.

Barack Obama

In his speech during a reception, President Obama said that the US will continue to support all Cypriot leaders in their efforts to achieve a just and lasting solution, adding that he is hopeful they will seize this historic opportunity to forge a better future for all Cypriots.

Republic of Turkey to provide support of up to 3.5 billion TL for 3 years

The Republic of Turkey will provide loan and grant support of up to 3.5 billion Turkish lira to the TRNC, to support public finance, the real estate sector, infrastructure investments, defence, incentive credits and reforms over a three-year period.

Turkey - 3.5 billion TL

The “Economic and Financial Cooperation Agreement,” which was signed in Ankara on May 27 between the Republic of Turkey and the TRNC, was approved in a decision by the Council of Ministers dated June 13, 2016.

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