TRNC demands Justice over Car Chase and beating of Turkish Cypriots

TRNC demands Justice

over Car Chase and beating of Turkish Cypriots

Authorities in North Cyprus have condemned an attack against five Turkish Cypriots by three unknown men near Sotira [in South Cyprus] early on Friday, saying it harmed relations between the two communities.

They urged the Greek Cypriot police to find the perpetrators and do everything to prevent such attacks.

Damaged TC CarA statement from the Turkish Cypriot presidency said they had “immediately contacted the Greek Cypriot side and received information about the attack and the condition of the Turkish Cypriots’ health.” The statement asked the police to “investigate the complaint and do all that is required to bring to justice the perpetrators as soon as possible”.

[Greek Cypriot] police spokesman Andreas Angelides said on Saturday that police were carrying out investigations following allegations by five Turkish Cypriots that they were chased and attacked in the Famagusta district early on Friday.

“Famagusta CID have been working on this from the first moment it was reported,” said Angelides. The men had reported to police that around 4.30 am on Friday they realised they were being followed and had tried to speed off but had been chased along the Frenaros to Augorou road, near the village of Sotira’s farming area. Their car was repeatedly hit from behind before eventually being brought to a standstill.

The three assailants then got out of their vehicle and proceeded to beat up the men using batons and further damaging their car. The men, two of whom were slightly injured managed to get away and call the police, getting treated for their wounds at the accident and emergency department at Famagusta General Hospital.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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  1. Nothing really changes with the South.If it had been the otherway the Greeks would not let it go so lightly and it would be all over the national newspapers in the UK and abroad. As it is it will not even get a mention. How sad that this is one sided and has consistenty been so biased..