June 8, 2023

By Kim Betts……..
Kyrenia Animal Rescue…….

The KAR office today had a visit from Refik Oru and Necdet Ugural who work for Cyprex Co Ltd (Efes Pilsner). Efes help KARThey reversed their van and opened the rear doors – inside was …..Noooo not Efes supplies but bags and bags of dog food.

Refik and Necdet explained that Efes Pilsner had been running a campaign for used Efes bottle tops to be collected. They had many donation boxes on bars across the TRNC and for each bottle top 10 kurus was to be donated to the benefit of a registered Charity. KAR was their chosen Charity and after totalling all of the bottle tops they had purchased 21 bags (378 kgs) of dry dog food for the KAR dogs.

What a wonderful surprise and it was very much appreciated.

From all of the dogs and everyone at KAR we would like to say “Cheers” to Cyprex Co Ltd (Efes Pilsner).


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