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Presidency condemned the attacks of motorcycle Greek Cypriots against Turkish Cypriots

President Mustafa Akıncı condemned the attack against three Turkish Cypriots on Sunday by a group of motorcycle Greek Cypriots in Nicosia. Presidency spokesperson Barış Burcu in his statement regarding the event said that the issue was passed over to the Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades through the negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis. Akıncı requested the guilty persons to be arrested and punished and the victims compensated. It was also reminded that this sad event is not the first and it was repeated often in the region.

Baris Burcu

On the other hand Can Küşat, who was attacked by APOEL supporters with his friends in the Greek Cypriot side of Nicosia, made a complaint to the police station in Likavitu.

Özgürgün: “An agreement can be reached on the island on the day that the equality of Turkish Cypriots is accepted”

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün emphasized that an agreement can be reached on the day when the Greek Cypriots see the Turkish Cypriots as their equal partners. Stating that as the government they support the ongoing negotiation process which is being conducted by the President and they will continue the right struggle of the Turkish Cypriots until the end, Özgürgün said, “We are ready for an agreement based on political equality. We hope to reach a solution by the end of 2016 but when I look at the attitude of the Greek Cypriot side at the negotiation table, I lose my hope.”

Huseyin Ozgurgun at reception

Speaking during one of his receptions, Özgürgün said that the process has been continuing for years, but the voice of the Turkish Cypriot people is not heard very much because the Greek Cypriot side used the advantage of being recognised.

Stating that the Turkish Cypriot people is an equal society with the Greek Cypriots in terms of experience, knowledge and government, Özgürgün said that they are ready for a solution on the basis of equality.

Özgürgün said: “We support a bi-zonal solution on the basis of the political equality of the two constituent states by the end of 2016 as President Akıncı expressed.”

Denktaş: “The European Union does not act with sincerity”

The Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş said that the European Union does not act with sincerity to Turkey.

Denktaş said: “They are not sincere to Turkey. They do not reveal their intentions clearly. Turkey’s current problems are obvious, especially about terrorism. Turkey has to take some steps in order to prevent terrorism. Instead of helping Turkey, the European Union tries to get a result by blocking Turkey.”

Serdar Denktas

In his statement to the AA reporter concerning the agenda, Denktaş pointed out that the EU laid down some conditions to Turkey which have not been imposed on any other country.

Indicating that it is not possible to become contrary with President Akıncı about the ongoing negotiations, Denktaş said, “The President who was elected by the public is at the negotiation table and sincerely works for a solution. We can only give support to this”. “Our support to the President and the negotiation process does not affect our decision positively or negatively in the event of a referendum. The responsibility belongs to the President and his team regarding disclosure of the text. When the text is revealed, the responsibility belongs to us and our society. We will consider it when it comes to this stage. I appreciate the sensitivity of the President”.

Pointing out that some statements have been made by Greek Cypriots such as “There would not be a solution unless Turkey waive 17 billion debt”, Serdar Denktaş said, “If Turkey wants she can waive the debt. Turkey has had to help Turkish Cypriots since 1963. Turkey made every kind of investment in this country; roads, electricity, and lots of infrastructure investments. If the conflicts had not started in 1963 because of Greece and Greek Cypriots, the Republic of Cyprus would have had to make all these investments. If they say that the Turkish Cypriots have a debt to Turkey and there would not be a solution because of the debt then I can respond as a Turkish Cypriot that “You have 25 billion Euros debt to the World Bank and IMF, so it can be difficult to reach a solution due to this debt. So the Greek Cypriot side has to pay attention while making declarations.”

Furthermore, mentioning the water issue, Denktaş said that they have been working on the issue and it will be possible to transfer the water to the houses as of next month. Expressing that one of the priorities of the government after the water issue is to connect electricity from Turkey to the TRNC, Denktaş said that by this way, Turkish Cypriots will be able to use cheap and quality electricity. Stating that they need one or two years to realize this project, Denktaş said that the government desires to sign a protocol as soon as possible regarding the issue.

Adding that they made evaluations regarding the Economic and Financial Cooperation Protocol between Turkey and the TRNC and they sent it to Ankara after making some arrangements, Denktaş said that they hope to reach an agreement before establishment of Turkey’s new government.

Çavuşoğlu met with Eroğlu

The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Nazım Çavuşoğlu who is having contacts in İstanbul during the 3rd Session of the OIC Conference of Ministers Responsible for Water, met with the Turkish Minister for Forestry and Water Works, Veysel Eroğlu.

Cavusoglu met with Eroglu

The two Ministers discussed the latest situation of the water supply project and the next steps to be taken. Çavuşoğlu emphasized that they will do their part in order to transmit the water to the community as soon as possible.

Attending the opening of the 3rd Session of the OIC Conference of Ministers Responsible for Water, The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Nazım Çavuşoğlu will make a speech at the conference today and address the OIC members.

Anastasiades can be arrested unless he goes to court

It was stated that the Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades will appear in court on 1st of June to testify on the case of former Deputy Attorney-General Rikkos Erotokritu who is charged with bribery and illegality.


The Greek Cypriot Politis newspaper wrote that the Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades has to be in the High Criminal Court on 1st of June otherwise, a warrant of arrest may be issued.

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