December 1, 2023

By Chris Elliott and Trevor Hughes….

In North Cyprus the expats are often talking about going back to the UK for medical treatment because they expect it to be free and perhaps it may well be, but given the travel cost, time it takes to get doctors consultations, hospital tests and diagnosis before dates are set for operations it takes longer to have the operations than if they were arranged in Northern Cyprus..

Here in North Cyprus most expats will be required to pay for their medical treatment from their own funds or from insurance policies they may have organised. As so many folk find out, doctors consultations, hospital tests and diagnosis can be quickly achieved and operations performed but it is highly desirable that second or even third opinions are sought and a choice made based upon price and treatment recommended.

Guven Hospital reception

So are there any other choices for expatriates and the answer is yes and that is from private hospitals in Turkey.  We visited the Güven Hospital, Ankara to see what could be expected just a short distance away.

With the news of a seminar to be held at the Cratos Hotel on 4th May 2016 by the Güven Hospital, we decided to visit Ankara to learn more and our readers may wish to Click here to read this seminar article.

Impressions by Chris Elliott.

Having had the experience of having both private and state hospital treatment and also seeing a loved one also experiencing private and state hospital treatment in the TRNC, it was a good opportunity to try to compare how Turkish private hospitals compare with TRNC private hospitals and in just a few words I can only say I was very impressed with Güven Hospital but as the subject is so huge to describe, we have a number of information links below to their very comprehensive website, in the English language, which our readers may refer to and understand what a fantastic array of choices of treatment and services are available.

The Güven Hospital which was founded in 1974 has grown and now has 251 patient beds and 12 operating theatres and the first impression is of a smart and efficient organisation and when visiting many of the various clinics and patient areas, this feeling is enforced by a friendly and attentive attitude from all of the hospital staff. Making a tour of the hospital including many treatment rooms and operating theatres and we were shown many state of the art items of medical equipment.

Guven VIP suite

The 40.000 m2 area hospital is located in Ankara and surrounded by many foreign embassies and it is no surprise that Güven have a single patient room suite accessed by a private lift to suit security measures and this is used by many Embassy staff and other VIPs who go there for treatment.

For you and I, there are a number private rooms of different types where we may stay with our partner and these are most impressive and comfortable.

We also visited the 10.000 m2 area Güven Çayyolu Health Campus which houses the medical centre which offers so many treatments as well as the outpatient clinics and nearby is the very impressive Dr. Aysun Küçükel “Second Spring” Geriatric Centre.

Guven cayyolu Medical Center

One thing is for  sure and that is the name of the Hospital is Güven which means Trust or Confidence and any patient travelling to Turkey for treatment will be filled with both from the moment they are collected from the Ankara airport by an International Patient Service Representative/Interpreter until the time they are returned to the airport for the  flight home to Ercan in the TRNC.

Impressions by Trevor Hughes.

Having trained and worked as a paramedic for over 8 years in the NHS, and Mary my wife, also working for the NHS for over 23 years in a senior management position, gave Chris and myself some headway on judging the standard of service on offer from this hospital. Having visited them, I must say the Güven Hospital facilities are extremely impressive and some of the best I’ve ever seen anywhere.

Guven Hospital operating theater

Staff commitment and enthusiasm is overwhelming from the moment you set foot in the hospital compound.  MRSA, don’t even think about it, because the cleanliness of the hospital equals that of a 5 star hotel.

The staff are forever smiling, enjoying their chosen career, and are proud to work for such a wonderful hospital.

Guven patient bedrooms

The hospitals ethos is that every member of staff is of equal status, serving their patients to be the best in their endeavours.

So what’s in it for you?

  • A world class team of highly trained doctors and nurses
  • Consultation/diagnosis from the comfort of your own home, if you choose.
  • A second opinion, free of charge.
  • No waiting lists for both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Blood transfusions, where necessary, unlike in the TRNC, the patient or their family are not required to arrange replacement blood donations to the Turkish blood bank.Guven hospital logo
  • A guaranteed and fixed pricing structure.
  • Free return flights for both you and your spouse/partner.
  • Your very own chauffeur driven car to collect you from the airport and for your return journey.
  • Your very own spacious room with free wifi, television (in your chosen language) and free local telephone usage.
  • A dedicated team of staff, all English speaking, supported by an interpreter if required.
  • Free sleeping arrangement for your partner/spouse if required.
  • Home cooked a-la-carte menu for both you and your spouse/partner.

You would have great difficulty in trying to match what’s on offer here.

Why put up with second best? Give Güven Hospital a chance to prove themselves. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!

The name Güven means TRUST!

Guven means trust


We would like to thank Op. Dr. C Genco Çetinkanat for his time in showing us the Güven Hospital and also the Güven Çayyolu Health Campus and the many other medical staff and their support workers for their friendliness and attention in making sure we felt relaxed in our short visit and went out of their way to help us including arranging a short visit into the operating theatre complex.

Cyprusscene at the Guven Hospital
Chris Elliott, Dr. C Genco Çetinkanat and Trevor Hughes on the cyprusscene tour of the Güven Hospital, Ankara

For more detailed information please visit the  Güven Hospital website which is very comprehensive and requires navigation and whilst being in Turkish, pages can be translated into English with many information selections made from the drop down menus

To help you on the way to appreciate the wide ranges of treatments and services we have selected a number of navigational links which will help you on your way on your personal tour of Güven Hospital, Ankara.

Hospital Profile:                       click here    Information and Welcome: click here

The Health Team:                     click here    Online Procedures:           click here

OP Dr Genco Cetinkanat



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