North Cyprus Forum the Friendly Forum is growing

By Chris Elliott……

It’s only been a few months since the North Cyprus Forum was rebuilt and activated and it has slowly come back to life with both old and new members joining. As it is intended to be a friendly forum serving a wide community, some unwelcome and many dubious registrations have been denied.

Slowly but surely the forums and topics are beginning to build with a lively flow of debates and members asking for and giving advice and information.

The forum is non-commercial and does not seek advertising content but does allow members to place event news NCF look inand other helpful information. It is planned to have an events calendar and management facility in the weeks ahead where members can place their news for the benefit of both members and visitors.

Within the body of the forum is Services A – Z which contains a growing list of companies with links to their websites, Facebook pages and articles about them

Naturally there has to be a measure of control over postings and we have a growing team of moderators who will ensure we keep the forum friendly and discipline maintained.

Because many forums are just chat lines, many visitors and members have not realised that NCF also has a core of many interesting and informative articles that are shared to it by our partner websites and writes so those that enjoy forums, can experience even more in one location.

When you have time, do look in on North Cyprus Forum click here to find something that is a just a little bit different to what you may expect of forums.