February 7, 2023

Temporary Shelter News Update from KAR


Message from Kyrenia Animal Rescue…….

We understand that there is a great deal of concern following the disclosure that more dogs have been taken to the Girne TemStreet Dog Returnedporary Dog Shelter and that the conditions that the dogs are living in are not acceptable.

Following discussions and visits to the Girne Belediye Temporary Shelter we are very pleased to announce that five of the dogs have been today returned to the town centre assisted by our KAR Community Warden and that there is ten remaining. Over the next few days the future of this shelter will be discussed by the Belediye. In the immediate future three dogs showing signs of ill health will be taken to the KAR shelter for treatment and one female dog will be neutered.

The site has been cleaned and the management of the site has been given back to the Girne Health Dept.

Thank you to all those that have reported the situation and hope that they will continue to care for those dogs that have been released back to their original place of residence.

Street Dog Returned 2

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