TRNC News Today 23rd November 2015 – Negotiations continue today

TRNC News Today 23rd November 2015


Negotiations continue today

The negotiations between President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades to find a solution to the Cyprus problem will continue today. Akıncı and Anastasiades will meet again today. The meeting will be held in the buffer zone at 18.00. The leaders, who decided to hold 6 meetings in November, have met 4 times before today’s meeting.

Eide, Anastasiades, Akinci

The last meeting of November is planned to be held on Wednesday 25 November.The leaders decided not to make any statements after their meetings in November. Within the framework of their decision, press members are not allowed to the region of the meeting.

Özgürgün: “Racist activities are caused by Greek national policy”

UBP Leader Hüseyin Özgürgün stated that it was proved once more with the Greek official documents that racist activities of the Greek Cypriots are caused by the Greek national policy. Özgürgün added “It is beyond clarity to expect peace from generations who grow up with feelings of hatred who are encouraged for racist activities by the support of the Greek Cypriot government”.

Huseyin Ozgurgan

In his written statement, Özgürgün expressed that in the written statements regarding ELAM attacks in South Cyprus, the criminals Greek Cypriot Administration and ELAM are trying to be disregarded.

Burcu: “Toros exercise will not be conducted this year”

Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu stated that the Toros exercise will not be conducted this year and this is an indication of their constructive attitude in the negotiation process.

Baris Burcu

In his statement regarding the issue, Burcu said “It was decided not to conduct the Toros exercise this year which is jointly conducted by Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces and TRNC Security Forces annually.”  Furthermore, Burcu added that before taking this decision, necessary contacts and initiatives were made with the Turkish authorities.

“None of the attacks by Greek Cypriots on Turkish Cypriots have been punished”

It was noted that none of the attacks of the Greek Cypriots towards Turkish Cypriots have been punished from 2004 up to now. The Greek Cypriot daily Alithia newspaper in an article under the headline “Attacks on the Turkish Cypriots go unpunished” wrote that although there are many news items in respect of the Turkish Cypriots related to the attacks and financial damages in the 2004-2012 Greek Cypriot Police Press Bulletin, none of them have been punished except for one case which led to great response.  Stating that the Turkish Cypriots were subjected to attacks, their cars were damaged while crossing to the South and they were assaulted in some cafeterias many times, the newspaper recalled the event when a Turkish Cypriot musician was stabbed by sympathizers of ELAM and CEA (Greek Resistance Movement) at the “Rainbow” Festival in 2010 which is held every year in South Cyprus.


The newspaper also reminded that 2nd President Mehmet Ali Talat was attacked during an event which was held in Limassol and the US Ambassador John Koenig was also witness to the event and everyone condemned this incident. The newspaper noted that the Greek Cypriot Police Manager Mihalakis Papayeorgiu was dismissed after that occasion.

The newspaper wrote that the latest incident occurred last Monday, 16th November, within the framework of the protest for the establishment of the TRNC when Greek Cypriot students attacked Turkish Cypriots. The newspaper wrote that there has only been one incident since the border gates opened where Turkish Cypriots were involved, which was the first service held in “Ay. Mamas Church” in Morphou, when some vehicles were set on fire and the damage was compensated by the TRNC.Meanwhile, The Greek Cypriot Education Minister Kostas Kadis condemned the attacks by the Greek Cypriot  students on the Turkish Cypriots once again and said that there is no place for such acts in the Greek Cypriot education system.

DSI Project Manager : “The water has been flowing 7/24 since 1st October

Regarding the claims that the water transmission from Turkey to the TRNC was stopped General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) North Cyprus Project Manager Birol Çınar stated that the water started to flow on October 1, 2015 within the scope of the project. Çınar said, “The water has been flowing continuously since that date with full capacity.”

Water not stopped

Making evaluations to the AA correspondent related to the claims that the transmission of water from Turkey to the TRNC was stopped, Birol Çınar stated: “When the citizens did not see the flow of the water during times when the water is directly sent to the treatment facility they think that the valve is closed. The valve has never been closed from the opening date to the present time”.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs budget has been approved

The Republican Assembly Economy, Finance, Budget and Planning Committee unanimously approved the 41 million 140 thousand 800TL Foreign Ministry budget. In her speech at the committee, Foreign Minister Emine Çolak stated that while they are ideally performing their duties specified by laws, their main goal is to support the re-started negotiation process. Stating that the Foreign Ministry is supporting the negotiation process therefore the Ministry Undersecretary and two officers take part in the committee, Çolak noted that the Ministry carries out the necessary work for two new gates which are intended to be opened with the decision taken by the leaders. Çolak stated that their effort is for opening the gates as soon as possible.

Budget approved

Indicating that the EU harmonization group has been formed and they are carrying out an important mission in the preparation of the Turkish Cypriots for the EU accession process, Çolak stated that they have carried out some work on the issue of the federal state which is intended to be established and they are holding foreign contacts in this regard.

Greek Cypriot Administration was condemned for concealing death

It was stated that the Greek Cypriot Administration was condemned due to the fact that it was known that Greek Cypriot Haralambos Palmas died in 1974, and was buried in South Cyprus but this was concealed from his family. The Greek Supreme Court condemned the Greek Cypriot Administration and ordered to pay compensation to Palmas’ wife and two daughters. Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros noted that with the decision of the Greek Supreme Court the Palmas family have won the law case which has been continuing for 14 years.

Concealing death

In her statement to Fileleftheros, Palmas’ daughter expressed her satisfaction for the decision of the Greek Supreme Court and stated that according to the decision, the Greek Cypriot administration is responsible.  Palmas’ daughter also added “It is not only our family who has been living with a lie for many years. My family has experienced a difficult judicial process. The Greek Cypriot government’s attitude was very insulting. The compensation amount was decreased but my family’s aim was not money but justice.”

Underlying acceptance of loutish attacks on Turkish Cypriots

By Loucas Charalambous
Sunday Mail, 22 November 2015

“IF ONLY things were the way our politicians and journalists presented them, and the culprits responsible for the attacks on Turkish Cypriots earlier this week were indeed some marginalized troublemakers. But unfortunately it is not so. And all of our journalists and politicians who think they have done their duty by offering some routine verbal condemnations would do well to explore the matter a little more deeply, and look for their own responsibilities in the aggressive behaviour of the louts. I have written in the past about the repulsive phenomenon of aggressive behaviour towards Turkish Cypriots who cross south either to work or shop. I had suggested that this hideous behaviour was fuelled, to a large extent, by the general climate of hate and hostility cultivated by many politicians and some of the media against the Turkish Cypriots. The political demagogues and rejectionist journalists can express their opinions and criticize those who support a settlement, but they do not have the right to cultivate, so thoughtlessly, hatred and hostility between the two communities. Even the reporting of news is done in a way that cultivates hostility towards the Turkish Cypriots. The opposite has been happening in the north, where school teachers for several years now try to explain objectively to children the events that led to division, teach the need for re-unification and try to promote a conciliatory climate.

Loutish attacks

It is no coincidence that since 2003, when the checkpoints were opened, there have been millions of visits by Greek Cypriots to the north without any incident of violence against them being reported; in contrast there have been countless such incidents against Turkish Cypriots on our side. I will just mention the attacks on Turkish Cypriot cars at the traffic lights outside the Apoel club building in Nicosia. I witnessed attacks at this location on two occasions with louts rushing out of the club building and using iron bars to smash car windscreens and injuring the passengers. Nobody was ever punished for these disgraceful offences. Above I also mentioned the role played by the media, and I will give an example of their irresponsible behaviour. In its edition of December 21, 2010, Phileleftheros, in a prominent position in its sports sections wrote the following: “There is information that Turkish Cypriots have shown an interest in visiting the free areas to watch tonight’s basketball match between Apoel and the Turkish side Karsiyaka at the Eleftheria stadium. Because in some cases the Turkish Cypriot supporters have been very provocative the police should ensure we do not have any incidents.”Of course the police did not need Phileleftheros to advise it to take measures, but the report was inflammatory. The truth is that Turkish Cypriots have never caused episodes in our stadiums. They may have been very boisterous on one or two occasions when they attended matches at GSP stadium, but they did not cause trouble. But the newspaper report could easily have roused passions. The louts could have easily thought, ‘as the newspaper reported they are coming to provoke we will go and show them…’ What other consequences could this so-called report have had? The Turkish Cypriots never showed up that night, but the Karsiyaka players lived through a nightmare and were in danger of being burnt by fires started by the Greek Cypriot ‘fans’. Film footage and photographs were seen all over the world through the internet. Our politicians and journalists, instead of unequivocally condemning this hooliganism and demanding the punishment of the perpetrators, made statements the following day, that were more provocative than the actions of the louts. Having mentioned the “unacceptable episodes”, they went on to attack Turkey because it engaged in a “propagandist exploitation of events”. Their statements almost condoned the violence. We should therefore not be surprised if the louts continue their thuggish behaviour as happened last Monday. And they will not stop as long as those, who should be taking a leading role in eradicating this appalling behaviour, are in effect condoning it and acting like accomplices.”

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