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TRNC News Today 18th November 2015

Foreign Minister Çolak met with British Parliamentarians

Within the framework of her London contacts, Foreign Minister Emine Çolak met with the TRNC Friendship Group members at the UK Parliament at a dinner hosted in her honour.

FM Colak met British Parliamentarians

Minister Çolak also met with British Labour Party Politician Hilary Benn and EU Minister Pat McFadden at their offices in the UK Parliament. During the meeting which was held in a very friendly atmosphere, Minister Çolak informed Benn and McFadden about the latest stage reached at the negotiations. Underlining that the Turkish Cypriot side’s views must be taken into consideration whenever the Cyprus problem is brought to the agenda, Çolak wanted her collocutors to contact with the Turkish Cypriot side in such cases.

Furthermore, Minister Çolak expressed that the aim of the Turkish Cypriots is to complete the solution process successfully and to reach a Federal Cyprus.

Indicating that their support to the process will continue powerfully, Benn and McFadden stated that they are always ready to take into consideration the opinions of the Turkish Cypriots and make contacts with them.

Within the framework of her contacts, Minister Çolak met with the representatives of the Turkish Cypriot Associations at the London Representative Office. Çolak gave information about the latest situation at the negotiation process, answered questions of the presidents of the associations and noted their problems.

After completing her contacts with the reporters of various newspapers and media organizations, Minister Çolak will return to the island.

“Turkish Cypriots will die in the Hellenic territory”

Regarding the attacked Turkish Cypriots by the followers of Greece’s Neo –Nazi Golden Dawn Party and members of far right wing party and racist Greek National People’s Front (ELAM) in South Cyprus, Greek Cypriot daily newspaper Haravgi reported in the headlines under the title “Neo-Fascism Re-Shoot” and stressed that Cyprus went back to the recent history on the previous day with the attacks on the Turkish Cypriots by the individual far-right Greek Cypriot student groups, in three different places in South Cyprus.”


It was reported that while aggressive students were attacking the Turkish Cypriots, they shouted “Turks, you will die in the Hellenic territory.”

Stating that there were three separate incidents in the Greek part of Lefkoşa, DİSİ youth wing NEDİSİ with cooperation of PSEM in the “Ay.Kasiano (school district), ELAM (Greek National People’s Front) in Ledra Palace and far right wing students (high school and university) at the end of Ledra Street (Lokmacı border gate), the newspaper pointed out that those who attacked the Turkish Cypriots were the participants of the protests that took place at the Lokmacı gate.

AKEL: “Ruling party sheds ‘crocodile tears’ ”

Incidents by the Greek Cypriot students organized for the purpose of condemning the 32nd anniversary of the establishment of the TRNC in which they attacked the Turkish Cypriots in their cars and two Turkish Cypriots were injured, were given a wide coverage in the Greek Cypriot newspaper headlines.


Greek Cypriot daily newspaper Haravgi reported that the Greek Main Opposition Party AKEL Press Secretary Yorgos Lukaidis criticized that “the Ruling Party decided to send their students to the dugout of Grivas for hatred, nationalist ideology, and let them take the example of fascist action instead of emphasizing the culture of Turkish and Greek Cypriots living together in peace.”

Lukaidis gave the example of the decision for thousands of euros to be given for the erection of the EOKA B heroes’ monument at the Greek Presidential Palace and he characterized the present declarations of the Greek Ruling Party as “crocodile tears”.

Kiprianu: “ELAM and EFEN members were involved in the attacks”

The General Secretary of the Central Committee of AKEL Andros Kyprianou stated that ELAM and EFTA members were involved in the attacks in which Turkish Cypriots’ cars were attacked and two Turkish Cypriots were injured. Kyprianou expressed that at one of the events, there were hundreds of people at the location.


Kiprianu also said that there are witnesses that ELAM (National People’s Front) and EFEN (National Sound of Hellenic Spirit Youth) members were involved in the attacks.

Akıncı:  “The biggest destruction in community’s psychology”

During one of his receptions yesterday, President Akıncı said regarding the racist attack against the Turkish Cypriots “The biggest destruction has occurred in the community’s psychology. During this process in which we are spending the greatest effort to solve the Cyprus problem, such activities must not be allowed in any way”.

Akinci - Biggest destruction

President Akıncı also added “It is not possible to accept this attack tolerantly. The Greek Cypriot government must take this issue seriously. School administrations and teachers must also take it seriously. Only the Greek Cypriot government showing reaction for the activity is not enough. Greek Cypriot students conducted the activity at the time when they had to be at their schools. They are considered to be ELAM members. This racist attack does not contribute to the solution process and negotiations, on the contrary, it does great harm. We have noted Anastasiades’ attitude as a positive reaction but I want to express that it is not enough. They must arrest the criminals and bring them to trial.  The necessary precautions must also be taken to not experience similar events in the future. Firstly, this issue must be taken seriously at the schools”.

Talat: “If the Cyprus problem is solved and the attitude of the Greek Cypriot police continues to be such, this peace will not continue”

Showing a great reaction to the attacks of fascist ELAM against the Turkish Cypriots, Talat said, “If the Cyprus problem is solved and the attitude of the Greek Cypriot police continues to be such, this peace will not continue.”

Mehmet Ali Talat

The second President, Mehmet Ali Talat, reacted strongly to the planned attacks of the fascist ELAM organization against the Turkish Cypriots. Making a special statement to the Diyalog Newspaper, Talat criticized the Greek Cypriot police.

Reminding that he went to Limassol for a conference early last year and he was attacked by ELAM and the Greek Cypriot general police manager was dismissed on that occasion, Talat said: “Anastasiades should dismiss the Police Chief again.”

Big reaction for racist attack

The Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber condemned the racist attack of the extreme right wing and racist Greek National People’s Front (ELAM) members in South Cyprus. In her written statement, Siber expressed that racist attacks will continue as long as there is hostility instead of peace culture and also hate instead of different cultures, friendship and understanding.

Greek Cypriot students

Prime Minister Ömer Kalyoncu stressed that the criminals must be arrested and punished in the shortest time.

The Leader of the National Unity Party (UBP) Hüseyin Özgürgün condemned the racist attack, the Greek Cypriot Leadership and the Church very strongly and called them to do what is necessary to bring the criminals to trial.

Furthermore, the Leader of Democrat Party-United Forces (DP-UG) Serdar Denktaş expressed “The Greek Cypriot side’s actions and discourses show how far we are away from a settlement”.

Akıncı received Steinmeier

President Mustafa Akıncı received German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier in his office. Akıncı stressed that the Turkish Cypriot community’s dialogue with Europe and important countries of the European Union will contribute to the solution efforts.  Akıncı said: “The dialogue of the Turkish Cypriot community with important countries as partners of the future Cyprus, contribute to the solution efforts for Cyprus. ” Making a statement to the press after his meeting with the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President Akıncı noted that the Foreign Ministers from the important western world would come to the island one after another in the near future.  Noting that there was a useful and positive meeting with the German Foreign Minister, Akıncı said, “The Minister was mainly in a listening position. He had some issues that he wanted to learn. We gave him some information about the process. We conveyed our views about our point in the negotiation process.”

Akinci meets Steinmeier

Stating that they transferred the sensitivities of the Turkish Cypriot people, Akıncı said that the commitment on a solution was confirmed in the meeting.

Akıncı said  “I told the Minister that the Turkish Cypriot people is the only example in the world that say “YES” for solution and EU membership, but be out of it with a “NO” vote of another community”.

President Akıncı rebuffs reception with German Foreign Minister

President Mustafa Akıncı did not attend a reception in honor of German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Tuesday night because his request that the two sides be represented at the event on an equal footing was not met satisfactorily.

The reception was hosted by the German Ambassador to Cyprus at the Chateau Status restaurant in the Nicosia buffer zone, and both President Akıncı and the Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades were invited to attend.

Baris Burcu

In a written statement, Presidential Spokesman Barış Burcu said that, despite a fruitful meeting with Steinmeier earlier in the day, President Akıncı did not consider it proper to attend the reception, much as he would have liked to.

Burcu added that the two communities’ equal status is a “known reality”, and this is also reflected in addressing the two sides.

But despite reminding the German Embassy of this “reality” in advance, a satisfactory response was not forthcoming, the spokesman said.

Burcu said that, according to the information available to the Turkish Cypriot side, Anastasiades would be addressed as the ‘President of the Republic’, and President Akıncı as the ‘Turkish Cypriot leader’.

For this reason, President Akıncı decided not to attend the event.

Leaders to meet again today

President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades will meet again today within the framework of the negotiations to find a solution to the Cyprus problem.

Akinci and Anastasiades

Following the meeting with the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades, President Mustafa Akıncı will receive the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide at 16:00 at the Presidency.

Minister Çolak is holding contacts in London

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak is visiting London in order to attend a Reception on 15th November and to hold a series of contacts between the dates of 16-18 November.

In the framework of her visit, Minister Çolak attended the 32nd Anniversary of the Establishment of the TRNC which was organized by the TRNC London Representation Office.

FM Colak has contacts in London

In her speech, Minister Çolak underlined that the ongoing negotiation process is an important opportunity to solve the Cyprus problem and added that a possible solution will be useful for both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

Minister Çolak also held important contacts during her visit in London yesterday. In this context, Çolak held a meeting with the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Crispin Blunt at the Parliament. Minister Çolak gave information to Blunt about the current situation of the negotiations at the meeting which lasted about an hour. Çolak stated that both sides worked hard to solve the problem, and added that the guarantor countries, the EU and the United States also support the process. Indicating that Turkey’s strong support for the process and for a possible solution is clearly continuing, Minister Çolak drew attention to the increasing importance of the continuation of the support of the UK to the process and a possible solution. In response, Blunt stated that the UK’s support for the process will continue and added that the solution of the problem will be for the benefit of all parties.

Philip Hammond to visit Cyprus

It was stated that British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond will visit the island tomorrow.

Philip Hammond

According to the information of the Turkish Cypriot daily Kıbrıs newspaper, which was received from the British High Commissioner, Hammond will hold high-level contacts on solving the Cyprus problem.

Hammond will meet separately with President Mustafa Akıncı and the leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration Nikos Anastasiades within the framework of his contacts in the island.

İzbul attended the 5th OIC Health Ministers Meeting in Istanbul

Health Minister Salih İzbul attended the 5th Meeting of Health Ministers which was held in İstanbul organized by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

5th OIC Health

Speaking at the meeting, Minister İzbul emphasized that scientific results of the meeting will contribute to the development of health policies.

Health Minister Salih İzbul indicated that because of the growing crisis, natural disasters, conflicts and epidemics throughout the world, developing opportunities in the field of “emergency preparedness” and “rapid response” is needed more than ever.

North Cyprus attended “8th Agrofood 2015 Erbil” Food Fair

North Cyprus attended the“8th International Exhibition for Agriculture, Food, Food Processing and Packaging 2015.”  According to the statement made by the KTSO, five companies representing the TRNC under the brand name “North Cyprus” participated in the fair with the organization of Chamber of Industry, which is being held at Erbil, Iraq between the dates of 16-19 November 2015.

8th Agrofood 2015 Fair

Companies exhibited coffee, citrus fruits, carob and carob flour, halva, sesame oil, Turkish delight, chicken, chicken feed, eggs and potato at the fair.  Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry Foreign Affairs and Trade Coordinator, Çağlar Türk, indicated that 250 local and foreign companies from food and agriculture sectors from 12 different countries attended the fair this year. He also added that five companies represent the country for the 4th time at the fair.

Conservation work of the church has been completed in Serhatköy

It was announced that the conservation work of the Profitis Elias Church has been completed in Serhatköy.

Profitis Elias Church

Conservation of the church is one of the projects of the Cultural Heritage Technical Committee and approximately 130 thousand Euros were spent for its conservation. In the written statement of Ali Tuncay, Co-chairman of the Cultural Heritage Technical Committee, it was stated that after completion of the conservation work, an event was held at Profitis Elias Church.

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