TRNC News Today 9th November 2015 – Akinci: …basic principles of settlement will be multiculturalism..

TRNC News Today 9th November 2015

Akıncı: “One of the basic principles of a settlement will be multiculturalism”

Speaking at an event yesterday President Mustafa Akıncı said that they are trying to leave a peaceful future to the next generation during the ongoing negotiations in order to find a settlement to the Cyprus problem. Akıncı also said that the basic principles of a settlement in Cyprus will be based on multiculturalism.

Mustafa Akinci

Akıncı, “There is a basic principle that the content of the settlement is based on. This principle is the multiculturalism. We will build a democratic and modern country on this island. One of the basic principles of this country will be multiculturalism.”

Stating that in the case of a settlement, constituent states will be based on political equality and pluralism, Akıncı said, “The state will not have a religion itself. This state will be a secular state. States do not have a religion.”

Akıncı also indicated that whatever their religion is, all citizens are equal and subject to equal treatment by the state in the TRNC.

The 5th International Republic Classic Car Rally was held

The 5th International Republic Classic Car Rally was held within the framework of the anniversary of the establishment of the TRNC.

5th Int. Car Rally

The rally started in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building and the start was given by President Mustafa Akıncı and Foreign Minister Emine Çolak. Minister Çolak also joined the race with her car with number “41”.

Emine Colak - Rally

Besides the TRNC, there were also participants from Turkey, Russia, Slovenia, Scotland, United Kingdom and Germany in the rally.

Özgürgün won the victory at the National Unity Party (UBP)

Hüseyin Özgürgün who took 3,540 votes in the second round at the National Unity Party (UBP) 20. Ordinary Congress, was elected as the new president.

Ersin Tatar who competed with Ozgürgün in the second round took 2,716 votes.

Hüseyin Özgürgün

In his speech after the election Özgürgün said that UBP held its elections with a new system and a new constitution and signed a victory in democracy.

Stating that the success belongs to the members of UBP, Özgürgün wished them continued success and he also said that UBP was the winner in the result of the congress and the aim will be to serve the country.

World Bank Eastern Europe President: “We are ready to help if it is demanded”

World Bank Eastern Europe President Dirk Reinermann announced that the World Dirk ReinermannBank is ready to help in order to support the Cyprus problem if it is demanded.

In a special statement to the Greek weekly newspaper Kathimerini, pointing out the experience in other countries, Reinermann stated that the economic advantages of a possible solution in Cyprus would be more than the disadvantages, but a solution should be found to the very high public debt in both communities.

Mentioning the advantages, Reinermann said “The accessibility of the Greek Cypriots to the Turkish market and the Turkish Cypriots to the EU market are especially important factors.”

European Council condemns South Cyprus for racism

The Greek Cypriot side was condemned in the report of the European Council National Minorities Committee for their racist actions towards the Turkish Cypriots, Romany, immigrants and refugees. In the report, it was stated that there is an increase in the racist actions of the Greek Cypriot side, and Greek Cypriot authorities were called to take immediate precautions for the issue.

EU flag

Furthermore, it was underlined in the report that those who are victims of racist actions are not willing to apply to the police and it is considered that they are afraid of the police or they consider that their complaints will not be investigated in a fair way by the police authorities.

Little pianist Suna returns from Spain with First Prize

8 year old pianist Suna Alsancak, who joined the International Music competition in Spain’s Canary Islands, won the first prize in the piano section.  Suna competed with music school students between the ages of 6-10 years in Tenerife, Canary Islands and won the favour of Russian, American and German jury members.

Suna Alsancak

Two more competitors also won the first prize besides Suna. During the competition, Suna had a chance to play master class works with world famous instructors Prof. Tamara Poddubnaya and Natalia Kazimirovskaia.

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