December 8, 2022


Thoughts for the week

“3 Wishes”




3 Wishes – My first wish is my Family and Friends will always be Protected, Healthy and Happy.

My second wish is that Human Beings will wake up to a consciousness of Love, Respect, and Understanding of one another in order that we may Live in a Peaceful, Tolerant World.

For my third wish, I wish  that Corruption, War, Greed, Hunger and Poverty become a thing of the past…..

These Are My 3 Wishes



3 Wishes – If I could have 3 wishes the first would be for World Peace.

The second would be to stop all cruelty to animals including the closure of slaughterhouses and all the other awful practises like force feeding  and battery hens etc.

The third would be for the governments to come clean, and tell the human race the truth about everything, like the cure for Cancer, like the truth about UFO”s and life on other planets…..etc etc.

And there goes that flying pig again !!!! If only…….



3 Wishes -This is probably the hardest article I’ve had to write…it’s a very difficult subject…what are my 3 wishes?

I still really don’t know the answer to that one as there are lots of wishes I’d like to come true but if I have to narrow it down it would be as follows:

1/. To keep upbeat and cheerful in the face of adversity, and not be drawn to tendencies of bitterness or regret.

2/. To maintain great relationships with the people I love and cherish and be able to help them as and when needed

3/. God willing my family will continue to live happy and healthy lives…

I could go down the road of wanting a Lamborghini or a mansion with a million pounds in a safe inside, but deep down I just want a harmonious life, not always possible, but something I’m continually striving towards….love and

Col Coleman

Col Coleman

3 Wishes, that’s a hard one!

Yes I could give all the usual answers but really I don’t really know, so I would wish for health and good luck for all my friends and family and hope that counts as number 1.

Second I would wish that for all my family and friends I have lost through illness and accidents that they have gone to a better place.

That leaves one, so I would wish that I could have tons of money Lol.


Jamie Vincent

Jamie Vincent

3 Wishes – As most of you readers know, I am leaving the Island on 9th November so my 3 wishes are on a very personal level,  firstly that all my friends in TRNC keep well and safe and continue to enjoy life on this wonderful island.

Secondly that all the venues that have supported me during my time here continue to enjoy prosperity and success.

For my third wish, this  is that live music is allowed to continue to grow on the island for all to participate in and enjoy.

Thank you everybody for your friendship and support and see you again soon!


As a thank you to all of those fans, we present on behalf of the  


Original soundtrack of : When you wish upon a Star.

Christina Aguilera sings: When you wish upon a Star.

Next week we will be looking at the thoughts of the ASAP ALL STARS on the subject of  Looking Back.
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