March 22, 2023

KAR news of Cat Neutering

and the ‘Tag and Return’

dog programme


News from KAR…….

Following drastic changes in the minimum cost of neutering implemented by the Veterinary Association it is with regret that KAR have had to make the following changes:

As part of our Cat Neutering Programme those requiring help to neuter street or feral cats, members of the public will be asked to make a minimum donation of : Female cat 120TL   Male Cat 70 TL

Our Cat Catching team will be reducing the number of reports of cats they will be able to catch and neuter weekly.

There will be no further KAR ‘Tag and Return’ dog programme. In accordance with the TRNC law we can no longer return dogs without owners to the streets. The law dictates these dogs come under the responsibility of the various local Municipalities. As a result the KAR assisted Vet slip scheme for dogs will no longer be available.

KAR support the intentions being taken by individual Municipalities to manage the animal population in their areas and will be more than happy to provide advice and help as and when requested.

KAR will continue to try to help the vulnerable, sick or injured dogs and cats and will work on education, awareness of animal care and the importance of neutering.

KAR would like to remind members of the public that it is not possible for us to offer a 24/7 emergency service. Our Hotline service is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm for any enquiries or to report incidents.

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