A North Cyprus Wedding for Bobby Craven and Dionne Simonne Hampson

A North Cyprus Wedding for 

Bobby Craven and Dionne Simonne Hampson


By Carol Blackwell Gibbs…….

Bobby and Dionne met on New Years day of 2011 in a  pub in Bredbury, Stockport, Cheshire where they live.

They both had friends who knew each other and they kept bumping into each other in the famous Bredbury Hall where Bobby would always send a drink over and ask Dionne to dance. Eventually he asked her out on a date.  From then on Bobby has been Dionne’s knight in shining armour. Bobby gave Dionne confidence to take her driving test, bought her first car and he also set up her beauty business which she would never had done on her own!

Bobby proposed marriage in Altinkum in Turkey on their first holiday with Ethan, their son.

They chose Northern Cyprus as a wedding venue as although they had been looking at venues in Turkey where they have a lot of friends, but nothing stood out…. beach wedding, hotel wedding etc…. they wanted something spectacular!

Gail and Mark, friends of the couple, got married a few years ago at Bellapais and I was their wedding planner, so they made contact with me and I was able to arrange their perfect day!

Keith Lloyd conducted a Tying of the Knot ceremony following their wedding

The photographer was Jean Clark from Karaman and some of her wonderful pictures are shown in this article.

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