June 30, 2022

Dawn entertains and wows

the audience at Rafters

By Margaret Sheard….
Video by Chris Elliott….

We had heard that ASAP entertainer, Dawn Buyukertas, was to be giving a special performance at Rafters on Wednesday 5th August, so as cyprusscene are very committed to promoting legal entertainers we went along to meet up with her and enjoy the evening.

There was a reasonable number of diners, despite the opening night of another new local restaurant which was offering free curry meals to attract people to come, so we were pleased for Dawn that there was a good audience at her venue. Some of the guests

I hadn’t seen Dawn entertaining before so I was very impressed when she started to sing, she has a beautiful voice and a wide repertoire of songs.   The first half of the evening the music was soft and easy going, Dawn said she likes to give people the opportunity to chat and enjoy their meals, and when she returned for the second half the tempo increased with songs to get your feet tapping which they certainly did.   Despite the heat and humidity that evening, a few brave guests got up to dance.

During the intermission, I sat with Dawn to find out a bit more about the lady behind the voice.  I was aware that Dawn has a very successful jewellery outlet at various markets and she told me this is something she really likes doing.

Dawn BuyukertasDawn lived in Bromley, Kent before coming to live in North Cyprus 10 years ago and currently lives in Karaoğlanoğlu.   She is a very busy lady who house sits for the animals of people going to the UK for visits, she has herself acquired 10-14 cats which she feeds and looks out for and one dog, very much an animal lover.  The jewellery side of Dawn’s activities keeps her very busy and she visits Istanbul every 2-3 months on the lookout for unusual designs of jewellery mainly with amethyst, turquoise, rose quartz and crystal quartz gemstones, which have proved to be very popular here in North Cyprus.   Of course, there is singing, which Dawn loves and feels the need to be able to continue with so she is available for hotels and quality venues to entertain their guests.   Dawn has been booked as part of the entertainment for the BRS event in September at the Merit Royal and she is really looking forward to this event.

In the past Dawn entertained at 5 Star hotels mainly in the Middle East and also Portugal and even Syria which was a very enjoyable experience for her.  She also worked as a croupier on cruise ships for a while, so a much travelled lady with some lovely memories to cherish.Dawn profile picture

Dawn would be very interested to hear from good quality venues where she would be happy to entertain in the future and we feel she is certainly a performer who would be well received with her beautiful voice and good variety of old and new songs for listening or dancing.

A very enjoyable evening was had by all and we noted a few comments about Dawn and her brilliant voice from the people who were there that evening.  Well done Dawn, keep singing and we are sure your fans and admirers will vote with their feet to come and support you.

See the video below of Dawn’s performance.

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