TRNC News Today 5th August 2015 – Greek Cypriot military cooperation with Israel

TRNC News Today 5th August 2015

Greek Cypriots are taking forward military cooperation with Israel

While the Greek Cypriot Administration is trying to eliminate the guarantor rights of Turkey in Cyprus, on the other hand it is taking forward “military cooperation” with Israel.

Promoting strategic cooperation on defence and security between Israel and South Cyprus was discussed in a meeting between Defence Minister Christophoros Fokaidis and Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’lon in Israel. Cyprus and Israel flags

According to the published press release, the two Ministers discussed the latest developments in the region. They reviewed the progress in the cooperation between two countries. They discussed the Israeli Prime Minister’s recent visit to Cyprus and they laid the foundation for the next practical steps to improve and strengthen their cooperation after the negotiations with President Nicos Anastasiades.  According to the statement, both sides committed to form a Cooperation Committee and to strengthen the framework of the bilateral agreements on defence and security sectors with an agreement which is named as `Status of Forces Agreement`. According to the press release, these practical steps constitute a part of the two countries’ extensive activities in creation of conditions for cooperation in the Middle East and in North Africa.

The two Ministers reached a consensus that both Cyprus and Israel are part of the asymmetric threat of terrorism and geo-political uncertainty region and they agreed on the need of coordinated work in this area.

The two Ministers reviewed the energy prospects in the Eastern Mediterranean and they also pointed out that it is inevitable to move with national mission in order to overcome the various challenges.

Akıncı starts informing about Cyprus problem

Mustafa AkinciPresident Mustafa Akıncı who has met with press representatives for breakfast this morning, will attend the meeting of the Council of Ministers today, and exchange views about the Cyprus problem and the internal issues. The meeting under the presidency of Akıncı will start at 2 pm. President Mustafa Akıncı will also inform the political party leaders and representatives with seats in the Assembly of the Republic at the Presidency at 3 pm on Friday.

Selling of Greek Cypriot properties in North Cyprus is being prevented

Greek Cypriot Council of Ministers reported that a new settlement project was ratified for Greek immigrants the For saleprevious week, and thus convenience will be provided for both immigrants and the children of immigrants and also selling of the Greek Cypriot properties in the TRNC via the Immovable Property Commission  is going to be prevented. Greek Cypriot newspaper Simerini reported that the settlement project which was declared to the public was prepared by Greek Cypriot Interior Minister Socrates Hasikos and the percentage of the right to use is increased so that the immigrant himself or his children will have the right to build a second or third house.

Second stage of excavations for NORATLAS to start before 15 August

It was stated that the second stage of excavations for the NORATLAS type transport plane, which took off from Greece and was shot down by Greek Cypriot National Guard Army by mistake due to lack of communication during the Peace Operation on 22 July 1974, will start before 15 August at Greek Military Cemetery.

According to Greek Cypriot daily Simerini, Greek Cypriot Commissioner Responsible for Humanitarian Issues Fotis Fotiu stated that their chief aim is to complete the excavations up to November.

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  1. “…these practical steps constitute a part of the two countries’ extensive activities in creation of conditions for cooperation in the Middle East and in North Africa”.
    Israel is the biggest subverter of peace. As many countries are demanding sanctions against the worst international criminals in the Middle East, RoC is ‘happy’ to hold their hand???
    This act will paint a target on Cyprus.