TRNC News Today 14th July 2015 – Erhurman: Aim to form Cabinet before Bayram Holiday

TRNC News Today 14th July 2015


Erhürman: “Aim is to form the cabinet before the Bayram holiday”

CTP-BG and UBP continue to work on the government program, distribution of ministries and names of the ministers towards forming Tufan Erhürmanthe new coalition government before the Bayram holiday.

As both parties continue to work separately on the government program, distribution of Ministries and the names of the Ministers, CTP-BG General Secretary Tufan Erhürman said that they aimed to present the cabinet to President Akıncı before the Bayram holiday. Erhürman also noted that Ömer Kalyoncu who was appointed to form the new government had until 21 July to do so. It is expected that CTP-BG and UBP will share 10 Ministries equally in the cabinet which will be formed under the Prime Ministry of Ömer Kalyoncu.

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