Healthy Living Village – Retirement Living in North Cyprus

Healthy Living Village

Retirement Living in North Cyprus

By Ralph Kratzer

The association The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) is not only known for organizing social activities and events for their members living in Northern Cyprus, but they also try to give any kind of helpful information to them.

Sally Wheeldon 20150707 (2)So we were very pleased to meet with Sally Wheeldon, a British expat, last week and receive news from her regarding a topic that increasingly worries foreign residents on our beautiful island: “What will happen when we become older and may need help and care?”.

We all know that the governmental facilities for elderly people over here are more or less in poor condition. And they are mainly there to offer Cypriots accommodation and care, not expats. So the question for many foreigners is: “Shall we go back to the country we originally came from in the case we cannot longer look so well after ourselves?” Not many people feel comfortable with this idea.

Sally, who worked as a manager of residential homes in UK for a long time, presented us first details about a project called “Healthy Living Village” which sounds very interesting and is under the auspices of the Levent Group of companies, who are inter alia owning the leading chain of supermarkets in North Cyprus, namely Lemar.

Of course, this project is still in the planning phase at the moment, so that we cannot provide details like prices etc now, but we will continue to keep the matter under review and keep you, dear readers, up to date.

Here comes the first information we were provided with. Unfortunately the text came as a screenshot, so it is not of the best quality but still readable…

Retirement Living (1)


Retirement Living (2)

Retirement Living (3)

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