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TRNC News Today 24th June 2015

Akıncı: “This is a UN process”

President Mustafa Akıncı said that he was not against the idea of the EU appointing a representative to Cyprus but he stressed that the current negotiation process was a “UN process”.

Mustafa AkinciSpeaking during a visit Akıncı said “EU replacing the UN is out of question. This is not in anybody’s agenda anyway and there are no requests or demands for this to happen. We expect the EU to include the solution we find into their own process.”

Akıncı said that they are about to start the substantive talks and indicating the importance of the period ahead, Akıncı added that the process could not be handled alone by any party. “This process needs to be carried out together with the whole community” said Akıncı.

Akıncı emphasized the importance of sharing information on the talks with the public and said that the presidency was not hiding anything from the people.

Akıncı received Harari and Acquarone

President Mustafa Akıncı received Israel’s Ambassador to South Cyprus Michael Harari and Brazil’s Ambassador to South Cyprus A. Claudio Acquarone separately.

Akinci receives Michael Harari and A Claudio Acquarone
Akinci receives Michael Harari and A Claudio Acquarone

Foreign Relations Coordinator of Presidency Deniz Birinci was also present during the meeting held at the TRNC Presidency.

 No statement was made after the meeting.

Negotiators met yesterday

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Özdil Nami and Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyannis met again within the framework of negotiations yesterday.

The meeting was held at Ledra Palace Hotel in the buffer zone on substantial issues and held in two stages.

Uluçay: “Dherynia crossing point can be opened earlier”

Dherynia Crossing
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During a program on BRT, Minister of Interior Affairs and Deputy Foreign Minister Teberruken Ulucay gave information about works regarding Aplıç and Dherynia crossing points.

Ulucay indicated that due to its physical condition, Dherynia crossing point could be opened earlier than planned.

Furthermore, stating that works are continuing intensively at Aplıç and Dherynia crossing points after the decision of the Leaders, Uluçay said “We have started technical infrastructure works in the Dherynia region.  Dherynia crossing point can be opened earlier due to its physical condition but infrastructure works at Aplıç crossing point will take some time.

Özgürgün: “Positive air is being destroyed by Anastasiades”

Leader of National Unity Party (UBP) Huseyin Ozgurgun stated that huseyin ozgurgun-2the positive air created on the Cyprus issue is being destroyed by the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades.

Ozgurgun said that the Greek – Greek Cypriot duo had first started off with the guarantorship and now they are pointing to the withdrawal of the Turkish army from the island as a precondition. Ozgurgun said that this was a new version of the Greek- Greek Cypriot game.


Mobile telephones system will start to operate in July

President of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Fikri TorosFikri Toros expressed that works regarding the usage of mobile telephones in the whole island within the framework of confidence building measures package are in the last stage and the system will start to operate as of beginning of July.  Adding that all mobile telephone operators lean towards the issue, Toros said “We will make a statement after the completion of a few legal procedures. The telephone problem will be solved starting from the beginning of July”.


Lara Fabian Concert disturbed some Greek Cypriots

Lara Fabian’s concert which will be realized within the framework of Lara FabianInternational Mağusa Culture, Art and Tourism Festival organized by Gazimağusa Municipality disturbed the Greek Cypriots. Greek Cypriot daily Politis noted that some Greek Cypriots who were disturbed by the concert wrote some messages on the Facebook page of Fabian.  Politis also noted that Greek Cypriots composed a page which has 1200 members on Facebook with the aim of preventing the concert.


Missing Martyr Bayar Piskobulu to be buried on Friday

Missing Martyr Bayar Piskobulu who was lost in Cyprus Missing PersonsLefkoşa in 1964 and identified as a result of works done will be buried with a military ceremony on Friday 26 June.  According to the information of Lefkoşa District Governor Alkan Değirmencioğlu, Piskobulu will be buried following funeral prayer on Friday 26 June,  at Lefkoşa Cemetery.


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