Groovy Historian – The 1878 Cyprus

Convention and what followed

Part 1 Vodcast


By the Groovy Historian……..

Hey there, this is the groovy historian : In this Vodcast I will be talking about the Cyprus Convention of 1878 between Britain and Turkey that provided that Cyprus, while remaining under Turkish sovereignty, should be administered by the British government.

Britain’s aim in occupying Cyprus was to secure a base in the eastern Mediterranean for possible operations in the Caucasus or Mesopotamia as part of the British guarantee to secure the Sultan’s Asian possessions from Russia.

In 1914, when Britain and Turkey became adversaries during World War I, Britain annexed the island and Turkey recognized this under the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923. Two years later Cyprus was officially declared a Crown Colony.

Do look out for the Part 2 vodcast in which I will be looking at how the island and politics changed in 1947 when the British Governor, in accordance with the British Government’s declaration on colonial policy, published proposals for greater self-government. They were rejected in favour of “enosis” union with Greece.

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