June 30, 2022

Creditwest All Cyprus Cricket Festival 

between TRNC and the Republic of Cyprus

TRNC VS The Republic of Cyprus

The South are coming and what a titanic Cricket battle it promises to be. This Sunday 7th June, 3 teams from the Republic of Cyprus and 6 from the TRNC will be battling it out in an extravaganza of huge hitting, fast bowling and manic running.

The Pia Bella Stadium will be playing host to cricket’s most action packed format, where 16 runs plus/over is the norm, as the matches are only 5 overs/innings long.

The teams will be divided into 3 pools of 3 sides each, with the winners and the best runner-up progressing to the semi-finals. The match schedule is as under:

Creditwest All Cyprus Cricket Festival

Sunday 7th June 2015

Time Team Team Match Type
08.30 Doğanköy Lions Cyprus Stars(Karaoğlanöğlu) Pool A
09.25 EMU Warriors (Famagusta) Taşkınköy(Lefkoşa) Pool B
10.20 Alsancak Nicosia Pool C
11.15 Fellows (Limassol) Doğanköy Lions Pool A
12.10 Taşkınköy(Lefkoşa) PWRR (Dhekelia) Pool B
13.05 Gentlemen of Girne Alsancak Pool C
14.00 Cyprus Stars(Karaoğlanöğlu) Fellows (Limassol) Pool A
14.55 PWRR (Dhekelia) EMU Warriors (Famagusta) Pool B
15.50 Nicosia Gentlemen of Girne Pool C
16.45 Pool Winner Best Runner-Up Semi-Final
17.40 Pool Winner Pool Winner Semi-Final
18.35 Semi-Final Winner Semi-Final Winner Final 

When we asked, TRNC Cricket Chairman Nigel Holman for his predictions, he said Gentlemen of Girne have won the last 3 tournaments and must be favourites, but he had a feeling there would be a new team lifting the Creditwest Trophy. From the North he fancied either the Karaoğlanöğlu side Cyprus Stars or Lefkoşa’s Taşkınköy. Meanwhile, George Ward who has umpired the Republic’s games in the UN Buffer Zone, thought the South’s current 40 overs champions Fellows could well take the honours back with them to Limassol.

Events’ organiser Susan Turner said the North Cyprus Cricket Association are hoping for a good crowd and whilst there will be some covered seating available, she suggests, spectators may wish to bring their own deck chairs and sunshades.

Association Treasurer Paula Shirley was keen to add that for spectators the Festival and parking is free of charge and we hope people will come and cheer their local team on.

For the latest information please go to Facebook click here or Website click here  – Telephone: 0533 824 8999  Email  nigel@nigelholman.com

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