August 9, 2022

British Residents’ Society

Border Crossing/White Card


By Chris Elliott……..

Hot on the heels of the various media, the British Residents’ Society have now sent an email to their  membership with the following statement on the Immigration arrangements for entering the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which we are sharing with other foreign nationals visiting or residing in the TRNC.

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Border Crossing/White Card

Dear Member,

There has been much speculation in the press and other sources about the border crossings and the so called “White Card.”

As of last Friday 22nd May, the Immigration Police had not received official notification in writing from the Government on either of these two matters.TRNC Paper Visa

Regarding the issue of border crossings, the Immigration Police are now logging Exits and Entries and not stamping the white paper visa. For those coming on holiday for example and staying a protracted period, although we understand that on initial entry most will get 90 days, it would be best to inquire if coming back across the border after a visit to the Republic of Cyprus, as to how many remaining days they have allocated to you on their system.

For those with a valid Residency Permit or are over 60, NOTHING HAS CHANGED AT THE MOMENT.

In reference to the proposed changes to the Immigration Law, we are seeking urgent meetings with the relevant Ministers in the next few days.

We will continue to keep you abreast of any new developments either by email or the BRS website

Government Liaison Team


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