The Secret Behind Gallipoli With “HistoryGems” and “Groovyhistorian” : Vodcast

by the Groovy Historian….


Hey there it’s the groovy historian, and for this vodcast I am joined by HistoryGems and we will be talking about the Gallipoli military operation during World War 1 which started on the  25th April 1915 and ended on the 9th January 1916 and  was  proved to be a failure that resulted in massive loss of life for both the Allied and Ottoman forces during that period.

The reason why we talked about the secrets of the Gallipoli Campaign is because we believed it was a very important factor to mention about the buildup of the strategical warfare, the reason of going to Gallipoli to conquer the capital of Constantinople of the Ottoman empire, so the argument is was it a good operation or not a good operation? and what was the lasting causes of this battle?

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