March 27, 2023

Creditwest North Cyprus Cricket T20

League – Whatever Next?

A day of surprise results turned the Creditwest North Cyprus Cricket T20 League upside down, as the concluding league round was played last Sunday the 19th April at the Pia Bella Stadium.

Pre-tournament outsiders Taşkınköy, having beaten favourites Girne in the previous round, swept the Near East University team aside. Top scoring Niqi Shah 20 and Hasan 45 saw them toFamagusta Warriors v Cyprus Lyons (2) image 142 for 7 in their 20 overs, then Shah did it again with the ball taking 4 for 16, helping to bowl out the students for 131 with 2 overs to spare. Taking another 30 points, meant they were the only side in the whole competition to get maximum points by winning all their league games.

The second match of the day was expected to be an easy win for the Eastern Mediterranean University team known as the Famagusta Warriors against the unfancied Girne side, the Cyprus Lions. The students only needed 6 points to guarantee they reached the semi-final and 8 to be league champions, whilst the Lions hadn’t won a match. TRNC Cricket Association Secretary Tom Shirley said Famagusta were a strong side and he expected them to rattle up 150 to 170. However, against all the odds, they never recovered from early wickets and were bowled out for a measly 103 in only 16 overs, with Ahmad taking a destructive 4 for 23. What looked like an easy target for the Lions, turned out to be a big hill to climb. Again, a couple of early wickets and the game took yet another turn. Throughout, even very experienced cricketers like umpires George Ward and Nigel Holman couldn’t guess who was going to come out on top, Wickets continued to tumble and at 8 down with Fyaz and Hidayat scratching around, still 3 were needed and it was anyone’s game. Finally a well struck 4, and huge celebrations from the Lions and their local supporters as they booked an unexpected place in this Sunday’s semi-finals.

This Sunday’s semi-finals are:

Taşkınköy                    v          Cyprus Lions   10.00am

Famagusta Warriors    v          Girne               13.30pm

Creditwest North Cyprus Cricket T20 League
Team Played Points
  1. Famagusta Warriors 2 40
  2. Cyprus Lions 2 37
  3. Cyprus All Stars 2 35
  1. Taşkınköy 2 60
  2. Girne 2 43
  3. Near East University 2 19

At the time of going to press, the ground is yet to be confirmed, but will almost certainly be at Pia Bella Stadium in Girne. Please check the Association’s Facebook: click here and Website: click here. You can also request further information by telephone on 0533 8248999 or email


Naqi Shah  LBW b. Khan 20
Nisar Ahmed b. Asif 3
Iqbal Shaheen  c. Sarlman b. Asif 6
Waqar b.Sarmed 20
Imran LBW Qasim 12
Hassan Not out 45
Imran B b. Khan 1
Idrees Run Out 14
Imran Not Out 0
Extras 26
Total 142 for 7


Near East University

Talha Amir b. Idrees 9
Faisal Qusim c. Hassan b. Shah 36
Sohail Zakarim LBW b. Shah 2
Mohammed Zubai b. Shah 0
Soulman Khan c. Waqar b. Farman 6
Narman Khan Not Out 25
Sarmad Raja Run Out 15
Maeb Chandiye c. Hassan b. Shah 1
Asif Tayimal c. Imran b. Farman 0
Ahmed Atsel b. Idrees 13
Extras 20
Total 131 All Out

Taşkınköy won by 11 runs

Famagusta Warriors

Sohail Khilji c. Shah b. Ahmad 2
Saud Azam c. Sharzad b. Ullah 10
Omar Iqbal LBW b. Afridi 39
Zia Ullah c. Fyaz b. Shoaib 4
Yusuf Amin b. Afridi 0
Saqib Khan b .Shoaib 2
Ibrahim c. Shah b. Muhammad 20
Wassem Khan b. Shoaib 0
Faizan Khan Run Out 3
Wajep Ahmad c. Bilal  b. Afridi 0
Mayed Hussain Not Out 4
Extras 19
Total 103 All Out


Cyprus Lions

Shoaib  c. Iqbal b. Ahmad 2
Lugman Khan  c. Ibrahim b. Ahmad 0
Bilal Mohamed  c. Amin b. Ahmad 16
Sikander  c. Faizan b. Ullah 12
Shehzad b. Ullah 20
Shamr Afridi b. Huasain 16
Said Shah  LBW b. Ahmad 4
Shoaid b. Ahmad 0
Fyaz Mohamad  Not Out 2
Hidayat  Not Out 4
Extras 29
Total 105 for 8

Cyprus Lions won by 2 wickets

Famagusta Warriors v Cyprus Lyons (1) How'That


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