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Trevor’s Tips – April 2015

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By Trevor Hughes……


As we get older, our agility becomes much reduced. Recently two of our readers have slipped in the bath whilst taking a shower, thus causing not only severe pain and discThink Safety Firstomfort, but in addition having the need for hospital treatment. Several thousand of ££s has been spent on hospital treatment for broken bone repair!!

We removed our own bath and decided to install a walk-in shower instead. Baths can be very slippery and most of us don’t even have a bath non slip mat to stand on.

Why take unnecessary risks when a solution to safety is on hand? Accidents can easily be avoided.

Temporary Residence

Most people do not know that you can apply for a six [6] month Temporary Residence if it suits. The cost is 133 TL and the process is the same as applying for your normal 1 or 2 year’s application.


Easter Sunday this year is the 5th April. Happy Easter everyone.

Vehicle Log Book

Yet again there is a fundaTRNC Vehicle Log Bookmental change when making alterations to your car log book. Once you have got the seller’s Mukhtar to confirm the TR 2 form, you now only have one [1] week to process the alteration at the Vehicle Registration Office in Lefkosa. This has now become the norm from the previous three [3] weeks.

Bayram Holidays

Thursday 23rd April 2015

UK Tax Allowance

In the last UK Budget Statement, you may not have noticed that UK married citizens can apply for tax relief on pension payments. It is called The Marriage Allowance Tax cuts06.04.2015.

A marriage partner who earns less than £10600.00 pa can apply to have part of their free allowance up to a maximum of £1060 pa transferred to their spouse, providing the recipients tax payment is at the standard rate.

You can register your interest by applying online at If the maximum allowance is available, the recipient partners he/she, paying tax can receive £212.00 via change in the P.A.Y.E. code. There is nothing else to do but wait for a reply which should take no longer than 14 working days.

So go and get the money you may be entitled to, you’ve nothing to lose.

Insurance Claims

This has been the longest, coldest and wettest winter for 30 years.Dagli Sigorta image sml

Dagli Sigorta have had dozens of insurance claims, namely, water coming through ceilings, fences blown down and ending up in swimming pools, wells and soak away’s being washed away to name but a few. All of the claims have been met at NO COST to the customer, unlike other insurance providers turning down a claim and or applying excesses way over and above the value of the claim.

Does your insurance provider have excesses written into their policies, making a claim unrealistic?

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