November 29, 2022

Natural gas can arrive in South

Cyprus in 2020

Efthimiu: “First Natural Gas in 2020”


By Chris Elliott…….

It seems that every news thread coming out of the Republic of Cyprus would indicate that they are determined to build a future with any nation that will help them and that they have  no interest in sharing land, resources and the future with the peoples of Northern Cyprus or even considering the offers of help from Turkey..

For the past few months we have seen yet again stalled UN Peace Talks because the Greek Cypriot Government objected to Turkish gas exploration whilst they continued to do so and by its action have demonstrated that they are not interested in sharing the water to be piped in from Turkey to Northern Cyprus or even considering collaborating on piping gas through Northern Cyprus to Turkey.

Who will be the first International partner of the Republic of Cyprus to say there is no more money to bail you out until you learn to spend it wisely and with good grace?

Efthimiu: “First Natural Gas in 2020”

Greek Hydrocarbon Company (EİK) member Mike Efthimiu predicted that the first natural gas can arrive in South Cyprus in 2020.

Gas PlatformSpeaking to Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros, Efthimiu stated that the arrival of the first natural gas to South Cyprus will be a turning point for Cypriot people. Stressing that it will not only have a symbolic importance, Efthimiu said that it will also decrease the cost of electricity.

Replying to the questions regarding Aphrodite field at the 12. Parcel within the so-called Exclusive Economic Zone of South Cyprus, Efthimiu stated that in the current stage, they are analyzing the options for developing the field and they are close to building a pipeline in Egypt.

3 thoughts on “Natural gas can arrive in South Cyprus in 2020

  1. I do like your Editorial intro . Why Turkey continues to make gestures which it knows will be rebuffed I do not know. And incidentally, “can arrive” is exactly the right way to put it: there is no legal impediment to gas arriving. But whether it “could ” arrive or not -whether it is economically and practically feasible for it to happen that way- is apparently in doubt.

    1. Thank you John.

      What I find unbelievable is that one small state claiming to represent the whole of Cyprus can seem to orchestrate the world into a dance round the Maypole or more like the Piper of Hamelin, lead them up the garden path!!

      Piper of hamelin

  2. That derives, sadly, from their acceptance as members by the EU following Greek blackmail, and their possession of a veto, like every other member.

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