March 27, 2023

Cape to Cape walk for KAR


By Chris Elliott

We have received news from Kim Betts of Kyrenia Animal Rescue that 6 intrepid walkers:

Alan and Anna Gerrard, Paul Moulton.
Anne and Mike Redman, Julie Simons.

 on the 28th March will embark on a walk from Cape Zafer to Cape Koruçam (approximately 213 km).

A number of the walkers have completed this walk in the past and decided to do it again and to raise funds for KAR. The walkers will commence from Cape Zafer in Cape to Cape for Karthe east and be shadowed by Gavin Simons and Rob Vardy who will be driving two support vehicles to meet them during the day to provide fresh food, drinks and changes of clothes etc. Their main sponsor, The Village Bistro, Turtle Bay Village, will be providing the walkers’ backup from day three with a minibus. The Bistro has also arranged and paid for posters, sponsor forms, tee shirts, food and drinks.

The Bistro, Esentepe will be holding a completion party for them on Sunday the 5th April at 7.30pm when they return. Gavin, a local musician, will be providing the live entertainment and all are welcome to come along.

For further information or to sign the sponsor form for these gallant walkers, please call Gavin Simons on 0533 876 6566. You can also support the walkers by making your donation at The Village Bistro Turtle Bay, Best Seller Alsancak, The Black Olive Alsancak, The Wild Duck Karsiaka or at the KAR shops and centre. Or join them at The Bistro on Easter Sunday evening for the party!

Cape to Cape walk‏ for KAR

2 thoughts on “Cape to Cape walk for Kyrenia Animal Rescue

  1. This is a great promotion for Cyprus. We would like to be sponsor as Dipkarpaz Municipality around the Karpaz Area. Please give us a note, what we can do??

    1. Hello Ozbek, thank you for your comment. We ( tried to telephone you to seek more information but without success so we are asking Gavin Simons to contact you.

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