February 6, 2023

Poppet the Pin Up girl helped by KAR


By Kim Betts
Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Back in September 2014 an appeal went out from a holiday maker, Jenny, on TRNC forums  and social media sites for a temporary but long term foster carer for a cat.

Jenny had befriended a local stray cat and couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her behind when she returned to the UK. She approached Kyrenia Animal Poppet the Pin Up girl purrs with delightRescue for advice on the possibility of taking the cat (she was named Poppet) to the UK and also for any possible catteries who may be able to look after Poppet for the 4 months that would be needed to get her ready for the UK.

Then at the very last minute a kindhearted TRNC resident Lorraine Baker offered to look after Poppet  as a house cat, and to take her for the necessary vets appointments, until she was ready to travel to the UK. Jenny was delighted (and so too was Poppet!) and Jenny returned to the UK knowing that there would be approximately a  4 month wait  before Poppet could be with her in the UK but she was feeling much happier.

At the end of January Poppet flew from Ercan (TRNC) to London Heathrow (via Istanbul) and once the plane landed she was taken to the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (HARC) where she needed to be processed, vet checked, her paperwork checked and customs entries completed before Poppet the beautiful Pin Up girlshe would be ready for Jenny to collect her. HARC processes many animals arriving from all over the world on a daily basis – not just cats and dogs !

The HARC staff who were involved in  Poppet’s import check process (prior to her being released) were struck by her unusual colouring and prettiness. They asked Jenny if they could use photos of Poppet  in their publicity features. This one appeared recently on the HARC FaceBook page. Click here to view the HARC Facebook page.

Once home with Jenny it didn’t take her long to discover the comfy bed at Jenny’s – the best place to practise her “ I am a star and need my beauty sleep “ routine !

We are sure that you will agree that this sweet little Stray has certainly turned  into a Stunner.

Thank you to Lorraine and to Jenny (and also KAR Pet Travel) for making it possible for pretty Poppet to have a new “forever” home.

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