Short History of Cyprus 1075 BC to 877 BC

Part one Podcast

Hey there this is the groovy historian talking about the history of Cyprus part one.

This is a History of Cyprus 1075BC to 877 BC from during the dark ages to the bronze age and talking about political, Groovy Historian Ancient Cyprusempire change. The first mention of Cyprus and the important part of the civilisation of the development of the island which was from the ‘Dark ages’ and ‘Bronze age’ shows importance of the ties of the middle east, Greece, trade  and the commercial production of the island. Another factor of the culture in Cyprus are the religious traditions of the island. Furthermore the importance of the Assyrian empire showing how the interaction of Cyprus that would pay tribute to the Assyrians as well to become a vassal state. Leading into the bronze age Collapse? From how Troy connected mythology to Cyprus?

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