February 7, 2023

Rotary Club of Kyrenia Liman

with Dr Sibel Siber

By Margaret Sheard….

We recently attended a dinner organised by the Rotary Club of Kyrenia Liman at The Dome Hotel in Girne where the guest speaker rotarywas Dr Sibel Siber, the Speaker of the TRNC Parliament.

The dining room at The Dome was beautifully laid out, with a roaring fire to take off the chill of the cool evening and we met some of the St Hilarion Rotarians who were sharing our table before the arrival of Dr Siber.

As the talk was to be in Turkish, the non-Turkish speaking guests were issued with headsets for an English language translation by Evren Şahin the Marketing Manager of The Dome Hotel, so very well organised for those people who, like us, seem unable to be able to grasp the Turkish language sufficiently.

Group picture

Dr Siber arrived and took time to shake hands with all present before settling down to enjoy the delicious meal provided by The Dome Hotel, following which we were treated to an enjoyable talk about various aspects of Dr Siber’s life.

The current President of the Rotary Club of Kyrenia Liman, Malcolm Mitcheson, then presented Dr Siber with a beautiful bouquet and a plaque of appreciation for her visit.

Some interesting facts about Dr Siber – she was born in Nicosia in 1960 and studied at the Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, graduating in 1983 and becoming an internal specialist in Sisli Eftal Hospital.  In 1989 Dr Siber studied Diabetics and Endocrinology at the University of Virginia in the USA and in 2000 she studied rheumatism illnesses at the University of Rush, Chicago.

In 2009 Dr Siber was elected as an MP for Nicosia from CTP-BG and in 2013 she was appointed to form a government by President Eroğlu.  She was re-elected as an MP from CTP-BG on 28th July 2013.

Dr Sibel Siber was elected as Speaker of the TRNC Parliament on 4th September 2014 and is currently a candidate for the TRNC Presidential elections in 2015.

We will shortly be attending another event where Dr Sibel Siber is to be the guest speaker and we are looking forward to hearing her speak again.

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