Lady and Lads in Red and CESV, Blood Awareness Weekend

 Lady and Lads in Red and CESV,

Blood Awareness Weekend

By Chris Elliott

The Lady and Lads in Red and the CESV (Civil Emergency Services Volunteers) are arranging a Red Weekend together with George (Ali) and Özlem at Cafe George, Kyrenia to coincide with the “Wear something Red Day” on Friday 6th February The Lady and Lads in Red  at The George image2015 being run by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) as part of their “Wear it Beat it” campaign.

Here in Northern Cyprus the Red Weekend will be held at Cafe George when visitors are encouraged to wear something Red in support of the Blood Awareness campaign currently running in the TRNC to support the TRNC National Blood Bank.

President Dervis Eroglu has been invited to attend this weekend’s celebrations and all people giving a gift of blood or registering as a donor at Girne Dr Akçiçek Hospital or any other TRNC State Hospital on Saturday 7th February Blood Donor Day will receive a free local drink provided by Cafe George on presentation of their TRNC blood donor card.

This promises to be a great weekend encouraging the need for blood donations in the TRNC.

Don’t forget a Gift of Blood is a Gift of Life.