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Photography Competition and Exhibition in memory of Öztan Özatay

7th Photography Competition

and Exhibition

In memory of Öztan Özatay

10th – 19th February 2015

By Heidi Trautmann….

It is done again. The winners in the photography competition have been announced together with the awards they have been given by the Jury.

Buket Özatay, first rate photographer with many international awards, has together with her brother again organised one of the most successful and high quality competitions. Only recently she was awarded by the Photography Association in Nicosia South, and had her private exhibition together with Tijen Erol Yakub with extremely beautiful photos which are, I would say with one word – ART.Photography Competition

But back to the present photo competition which she has organised now for the seventh year: The jury had met at the Golden Tulip Hotel and the results were announced there to the press. Twelve awards were available donated by associations, banks and companies, and even by the Jury: The Öztan Özatay Foundation, the Kemal Saraçoğlu Cancer Foundation, the TRNC Ministry of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports; Gönyeli Municipality, Denktaş Foundation, Turkish Iş Bank, Alpet Petrol, Derya Boutique, Nicosia Municipality.

Photography Competition 2

Now the winners: Lisani Otağ, Faik Iraz (2 awards), Emel Sefer, Inanç Tekgüç, Gülçan Arkoy, Altuğ Galipö Özgür Gökaşan, Hasan Bağlar (2 awards), Gökhan Saymaz, Tevfik Ulal.

The exhibition of the winning photos, and also the photos that were selected for exhibition, will be on 10th – 19th February at the Atatürk Cultural Centre.  Viewing times are at official office hours.

I will attend the opening and will bring back my impressions for you to see.

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