June 26, 2022

Thank you from The Lady and Lads in Red

By Peter Toms

Well we had our launch party for the Lady and Lads in Red at the Fez, Çatalköy.  What a great day and a fabulous meal and service hard to beat. (Thanks to all at the Fez). The photo shoot went according to plan thanks to our very own Anthony Armstrong Jones who now goes under the guise of Chris Elliott.

Thanks Chris, you and your partner are doing such a great job for our Blood Gift Campaign. Your enthusiasm matches ours and we are delighted to be working with you alongside us. The campaign has been putPeter Toms together in almost record time to capitalise on the Christmas spirit of good will and the co-operation we have had from all our sponsors and helpers which has been amazing.

Very special thanks to Magic Touch who produced our brochures in record time, to everybody’s favourite restaurant and bar owner George who without hesitation came good on all our needs for 2015 and more. To Chris Elliott and his partner Margaret Sheard who have put our Website together, agreed to use their website cyprusscene.com  to follow and publicise our entire 2015 calendar, and  also to connect to our Facebook pages with everybody working with us.

Also special thanks to Steve Collard (better known to you all as Mr 112) who stepped into Terry Carter’s shoes and with his very loyal group of volunteers is doing a wonderful job. Steve is now also a Lad in Red and we will be working very closely with the Emergency Blood Service emergency database unit Save A Life which he has formed. You would have read that the 112/CESV group now has 2 Divisions and Mike and Brenda Plant of Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services, who for many years have organised endless money raising functions to benefit many groups (particularly the Hospital), are now independent of Steve and his CESV group of Merry Volunteers.

Steve Collard Wendy Smith and Peter Toms banner

As the Lady and Lads in Red help to increase Blood supplies, which is our prime aim, if we can raise and assist Steve with funding for their Medical Supplies we shall be proud to do so. Last but not least a very special thanks to David Brown the Chairman of the British Residents’ Society who met with us at very short notice in order that we could offer our services in the correct fashion as the BRS are the organising body who deal direct with the Government and the Health Service.  David has stressed the importance of their existing group of long and hard working Blood Doning Volunteers under the guidance of Prue Lundie together with Steve and his Emergency Blood Service emergency database unit and  our newly formed group to meet and  liaise regularly as we have a common aim and could together make 2015 a year of ample Blood Supplies.

From Wendy, The Lady in Red and from myself, a Lad in Red, thank you all so much for your help and support. We both wish you all a very Happy & Healthy New Year.


The Lady and Lads in Red and supporters

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