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TRNC News Today 9th December 2014

Çavuşoğlu:  “TRNC has showed its will towards reaching a solution”

Mevlüt ÇavuşoğluTurkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu indicated that the TRNC has showed its will towards a solution. At a joint meeting with EU Minister and Chief Negotiator  Volkan Bozkır, and EU authorities,   Çavuşoğlu indicated that  the TRNC showed  its will  towards  finding a  solution to the Cyprus problem. He added that it is expected from the Greek Cypriot side to approach the issues similar to Turkey and  return to the negotiation  table.


Davutoğlu: “No arrangement can be made in Eastern Mediterranean without Turkey”

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu stated that no arrangement can be made in the  Eastern Mediterranean without Turkey and added that if Greece signs any agreement with Egypt regarding  this, Turkey will not recognize it.

Davutoğlu, who attended the 3rd Turkish – Greek High Level Cooperation Council (HLCC) meeting in Athens, gave   interviews to Greek newspapers and defined  the cooperation Ahmet Davutoğlu 2of Greek Cypriot administration and Greece with Egypt and Israel as “an opportunistic move made  at a bad time”.

Answering a question, Davutoğlu said “We do not feel any threat. Nobody can threaten us. But any kind of an arrangement, especially an  arrangement regarding maritime areas in the Eastern Mediterranean should involve all the interested parties and should be the result of their negotiations.   If one or more sides, I do not necessarily imply Cyprus, make proclamation of EEZ without negotiating with the other legally and geographically  interested parties then  this is contrary to international law”.

Stating that if the Greek Cypriot side’s  unilateral natural gas drilling  activities continue, Turkey will continue to be in the region, Davutoğlu added that  “If the negotiations resume then the problem will be solved and then Cyprus will evaluate its natural resources and benefit from it. Otherwise, if the problem remains unresolved, Turkish Cypriots will  have a voice in every stage of the research  and will take decisions. In other words, Greek Cypriots should get used to the existence of Barbaros in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus”.

Answering a question regarding the transfer of natural gas of Israel and Cyprus to Europe via Greece, Prime Minister Davutoğlu stated that he knows the structure of undersea of Eastern Mediterranean very well and added that such a thing is not possible neither technically nor economically.

Yıldız: “Turkey’s approach of non-discrimination between North and South in Iraq is also  valid  for Cyprus”

Turkey’s approach of not discriminating between North and South in Taner YildizIraq is also valid for Cyprus Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources – Taner Yıldız said and added that : “Utilization of the natural resources by the whole  island will benefit all parties.”

In his speech at the International Mediterranean Energy Conference, Yıldız said that when  developing  projects the human factor should be taken as a base.

Yıldız said that Turkey will continue to use energy as the rationale for  peace whatever the cost will be. Yıldız stressed that if the necessary political feasibility is established in the Mediterranean region Turkey will work hard for creating the economic feasibility.  “With  the condition that the Cyprus’ status is considered as a base,  and with common and equitable  sharing of the natural resources, Turkey has a positive approach towards natural gas pipelines passing through her territory”  Yıldız said.

Near East Hospital is granted “The Best Quality Leadership Award”

European Community Quality Research Convention is giving the best quality leadership award to the Near East Hospital.

European Community Quality Research Convention is giving the best quality leadership award to the Near East Hospital at a ceremony that will take place at Las Vegas, USA with participants from all over the world.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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