February 7, 2023

Cyprusscene returns to A Cup of

Conversation with the Cyprus Observer


By Chris Elliott

It is now two and a half years since I moved away from writing in a newspaper as I wanted to develop and publish local news and reviews on the internet to Having fun before the show startsoutreach to a worldwide audience and as they say, http://www.cyprusscene.com was born.

One of the subjects we wanted to cover was the promotion of local Radio and TV transmissions and at an early stage we started to write weekly articles about English language TV shows that were going to be transmitted. These included Can Gazi’s studio based  “A Cup of Conversation” and Engin Dervişağa’s  outside filmed “Vox Pop” which are fascinating interviews with many different people and organisations and on which we have also been interviewed

Naturally as we were showing interest in the BR2 activities they showed an interest in ours and we were interviewed on a number of occasions and have now increased our activities to writing about Denise Phillips’ radio interview and music show, The Main Event as well and can highly recommend the experience to any of our local readers who have an interest in sharing news of  their activities with BR2 TV and Radio viewers and listeners.

We have explained many times to people that our group of volunteer writers have a passion for sharing their articles about their own or other people’s interests with as many people as possible and as far as possible, hence the internet is a good place to talk about life in North Cyprus.

We have many internet readers in both North and South Cyprus but having had a background in writing in newspapers we maintained contact with the Cyprus Observer newspaper management and continued to encourage them to use our articles to a point where we were invited to help create a Cam Gazi talking tio Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheardnew look Cyprus Observer newspaper with many of our articles and features and in addition, we also assisted with the upgrading of their website http://www.cyprusobserver.net.

In life we all have a preference for those things we like to consume and that can be said of reading or listening to news. With this in mind we have helped create social media pages on Facebook cyprusscene.com and cyprusobserver.net for those people who like to enjoy their reading in this type of environment.

This new venture started to come together with a re-launch of http://www.cyprusobserver.net and the Cyprus Observer newspaper at the beginning of October 2014 when Can Gazi invited us back to his A Cup of Conversation show to explain what we were doing, which you can view in the video below.

It’s still very early days but we are delighted at the growth of readership in such a short period and in time we will be able to fine tune all media to give them their own distinct image whilst using shared news about our community and perhaps we will see a few more people wanting to join our team.

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