January 28, 2023

South Cyprus to blame for

current situation


The Turkish Cypriot side has issued a warning against the measures that the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiadis has announced that it will enforce against Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Presidential Spokesman Osman Ertuğ said the measures in question is proof of the mentality of the Greek Cypriot side that they are not ready to find a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem based on equality.

This mentality is also contradictory to the efforts to build confidence between the two sides said Ertuğ and called on the Greek Cypriot side to return to the negotiating table.

Noting that the Greek Cypriot side had withdrawn from the talks with an artificial crisis, now the Greek Cypriots have begun an international campaign against the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey said the Presidential Spokesman.

Drawing attention to the fact that the current tensions in the region were created by the Greek Cypriot side, Mr. Ertuğ said that a comprehensive solution passed through structured and result orientated negotiation and added that the Turkish Cypriot side is ready for this.Cyprus Map divided Reminding that political parties with representatives in parliament had all called on the Greek Cypriot side to return to the negotiating table, Ertuğ said that they expect the Greek Cypriot side to pay attention to these calls.

‘This return to the table should be without any preconditions as contrary to this it would lend credence to the escalating policies of the Greek Cypriot side and would award intransigence’ said Ertuğ.

Referring to the hydrocarbon resources on the island Ertuğ reminded that these resources were owned equally on the island and that the Turkish Cypriot side had equal say on everything from research, extraction and marketing of the product.

‘Ignoring this reality and belittling the Turkish Cypriot side is unacceptable. We will continue to take the necessary steps in cooperation with our guarantor Turkey’ said Ertuğ.

‘We as the Turkish Cypriot side want to remind the Greek Cypriot side that we are at the negotiating table ready to discuss a variety of issues. But if the Greek Cypriot side continues to act with the mentality that they own the south and can do whatever they want then this would mean that they do not want a partnership and this would bring to the agenda a solution form without a partnership’ said the Presidential spokesman.

Source: BRT World News

2 thoughts on “Cyprus crisis – South Cyprus to blame for current situation

  1. Êach to their own.. No agreement will ever come about. Two separate republics, each can extract their own resources and be responsible for their own side. No more reunification pipe dreams

  2. It is like children in the play ground except children would endeavor to resolve their issues. Neither side of politicians want to sit down for a sustained period and stay until a communique could be delivered. I would go so far to say that many involved in the negotiations do not want a resolution because they would loose the guaranteed employment they have held for many years.

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