April 2, 2023

Black Olive Cafe – Fundraising

Tea Party

By Margaret Sheard….

The sky was getting very black as we approached Alsancak and the Black Olive Cafe for the afternoon tea party in aid the North Cyprus Society for the Protection of Animals. Tables had been laid out in the garden and just as we arrived the heavens opened and down came the rain, much needed but it would have been nice if it had held off for a couple of hours.  Everyone quickly moved indoors or to a covered area and the tea progressed.

Vicki and Unal did us proud with delicious sandwiches and an assortment of very yummy cakes with tea or coffee. Catering for some 70 people could not have been easy but there was plenty for all and everyone tucked in and enjoyed it.


We were pleased to meet Tomris Gűven who supports the animal shelter in Lefkoşa who was so pleased that this event had been organised and for the food and bedding which had also been donated for the animals.

There were raffle tickets being sold and we were approached by a lady with a lovely cuddly dog, a toy one of course, and a list of names to Tomris receives donationchoose from for its name. We chose two, one being Rusty, the name of our dog.  Guess who won, so I now have a nice cuddly dog sitting on our bed.

I took the opportunity of making a donation on behalf of Richard Chamberlain who had given me 300TL for a charity he had heard about on a BRT broadcast but we were unable to establish which charity this was and Richard asked us to donate the money to North Cyprus Society for the Protection of Animals, a charity of which he was aware. We therefore presented Tomris with 300TL from Richard for her charity, for which she asked us to pass on her thanks Tomris, Unal, Vicky andand the fatura she had issued for the amount donated.

At the end of the event, Vicki’s daughter, Ezel, presented Tomris with the wonderful sum of 950TL as a result of the tea, raffle and name the dog, after which there was a further 65TL from items which had been bought from the boxes of items donated and with the donation by Richard Chamberlain the total was 1,315TL, a marvellous result and much needed by the North Cyprus Society for the Protection of Animals for the wonderful work they do.

By the time we left the sun was shining again, we had a lovely Sunday tea and felt very satisfied with the results the event had achieved.



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