April 2, 2023

Art Exhibition by Lebanese

Painter – Nada Itani

By Margaret Sheard…

Nada Itani and Ipek Denizli Karagöz
Nada Itani and Ipek Denizli Karagöz

Our friend, Heidi Trautmann, is keen for us to assist in the promotion of the arts and culture in North Cyprus and she has a wonderful websitewhere she covers many aspects of the culture of many people and countries.

Cyprusscene.com has the policy of sharing not only its own news and articles but also to share the news of others to its ever growing readership.

The latest news we have received is an Art Exhibition at the Atatűrk Cultural Centre in Nicosia which is from 18th to 25th September where you can see the work of Lebanese painter Nada Itani entitled “Love, Life is Peace is You”.

Excerpts from an article by Heidi Trautmann

The title…you can play with the words…You are responsible for Peace through Love in Your Life, or: Life is Yours if you love Life…or: Love Life is Peace for You….and the artist lets women do the talking in her paintings, the woman as the centre….Picture

Nada Itani is an artist from Lebanon, born in 1967 in Musaitbah, She is a travelling artist one could say. She was here before in March 2014 as a member of the 1st International Women Artists Workshop in the TRNC which was organised by Ipek Denizli Karagöz. Ipek is also one of the travelling artists visiting art workshops around the world thus playing an ambassador’s role for her country. Thus the two artists had first met in Trabzon….

However, coming via Istanbul part of her paintings were lost, so when she arrived here in Nicosia she had to work night and day to paint and paint and paint to make up for the loss. This is not a very encouraging precondition for an exhibition….

To read more of this artist and many other topics visit Heidi Trautmann’s website by clicking here



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