July 6, 2022


 By Margaret Sheard…..

After doing so much research and writing so many articles about Newman’s Farm, we were so pleased to eventually meet Patricia Newman, the grand-daughter of Philip and Evelyn Newman who originally started Newman’s Farm and Milk Bar in Kyrenia which became so well-known and popular from the 1920’s up to the 1960’s.

Pat brought her husband Fred to North Cyprus the first week in July to show him where she was born and the roots of the Newman family in Cyprus.   During the week she was able to meet Engin Dervişağa and his crew to do a TV broadcast for Engin’s Vox Pop programme which was made at The Chinese House, now on part of the site of the original Newman’s Farm.   Later in the week Pat and Fred accompanied us to the BRT studios in Lefkoşa where she did a further interview with Can Gazi for his Cup of Conversation TV programme, followed by a radio interview by Denise Phillips for her Main Event programme where Pat chose some of her favourite music to be played.   This was quite an exciting week for us all.

Hűseyin Kanbur, the current owner of the Chinese House, opened up the building for the Vox Pop interview to take place and we would like to say how very grateful we are to him for his co-operation in all of our research over the past two years.

After a lot of communication via email etc. it was so nice to actually meet one of the Newman family and spend time together.   We had in fact met the great grand-daughter of the Newmans in January of this year when she stopped off in North Cyprus for just one full day during her European honeymoon trip.  This was Lara Newman and her new husband Richard Sholl from Australia.  We have been so pleased to have had these face to face meetings and it makes the whole process of writing so worthwhile.

As a result of people reading our work and making contact with us I now have further information to follow up relating to two other families who were associated with the farm and can hopefully continue with this fascinating story.  To read more of Newman’s Farm visit our Portfolio section and you can also view the Vox Pop interview video below.

This has been but one of many in-depth stories we have been able to write as a result of sharing our articles, which in turn bring other people to cyprusscene to either offer their comments or additional information on what we have already written or to give us their story which is a totally new project.  Even people wanting to find friends are coming to our door and we can gain no better satisfaction than having a happy result from this.

One particular story with a very happy ending was a Turkish Cypriot family in Australia wanting to make contact with their Scottish childhood friends who they grew up with in the Governor’s House in Cyprus.  Please click here to read this lovely story and for the happy ending click here.

We have a Portfolio section on our website which includes many of the topics we have covered and all of the articles on a particular subject are contained in one area as article links.  This makes it easy for people interested in a particular subject to access the whole project with the click of a button instead of having to search for individual stories.

If anyone has an interesting story to tell about their life or the lives of members of their family here in Cyprus,  cyprussscene.com are always pleased to hear from them and to help to build up a story for the heritage of the country and the interest of our worldwide readership.

See the video of the interview at the Chinese House below.  We apologise for the poor sound quality.  You can also listen to the radio broadcast with Denise Phillips interviewing Pat Newman and myself and hear the music Pat chose to be played.


Denise Phillips with The Main Event and Patrica Newman and Margaret Sheard Part 1 and 2

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