February 5, 2023

Platform seeks support for street animals

Street dogAn animal lover’s platform formed by 40 organizations has asked for support from Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu for its short and medium term projects, particularly for street animals.

Pointing out that the government is sensitive on animal rights, the Premier said that as the government they will do all they can to extend financial and moral support for the platform’s projects.

Paying a visit to Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu this morning, members of the Animal Lovers Platform informed the Premier about their short and medium term projects.

YorganciouluSpeaking during the visit, the spokesman of the platform Münir Öztürk said at the start their aim was to provide water for street animals.

He however added that they later realized that this was not sufficient and did not solve the problem street animals faced.

Explaining that they had developed short and medium term projects for this very reason, he said they aimed to finalize a curb project for placing water bowls for street animals as well as drinking basins for donkeys in the Karpaz region as soon as possible.

He also provided information about the future projects of the platform.
For his part, Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu said that the platform took on a tough task which requires responsibility.

Pointing out that the government was sensitive on the issue of animal rights; he reminded the law had been recently passed for the protection of animals.

Yorgancıoğlu also added that the government would provide financial and moral support for the platform’s projects.

Source: BRT World News

2 thoughts on “North Cyprus – Platform seeks support for street animals

  1. Dear Munir Ozturk, I would be prepared to offer £100 towards your scheme to provide clean water for any animals. Dogs or Donkeys. Please let me know how I can get the money to you. I hope to be over in Northern Cyprus early in September.

    1. Thank you, Richard and Vivian! I will share this post with some groups on Facebook, hopefully it will bring some response reg helping these poor creatures!

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