June 30, 2022

 Sunday Lunch

at the Punjab, Lapta

By Margaret Sheard

Getting away from all of our writing on cyprusscene.com can be lovely to be able to relax and we sometimes go out to have a Sunday Lunch.  Chris and MargaretThis week we chose to go to one of our favourites, the Punjab Restaurant in Lapta.

After our chosen starter what a delight we had with our individual plates of succulent tender roast beef and chicken, each with nice fresh vegetables and giant roast potatoes to die for covered in lovely thick gravy.

Apart from a lovely meal it was so nice to sit by the Sea Viewopen patio doors cooled by fans whilst we watched the palm trees dancing as we gazed at the lovely blue sea.

What a lovely day out we had and it beats cooking.

For those readers who want to know more of the Punjab Restaurant please click here.


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