February 7, 2023

ATAA Commemorates the 40th Anniversary

of Turkey’s Cyprus Peace Operation


By Chris Elliott

At such an important time in North Cyprus, we have been sent the following article link by regular reader, Hatice Salih Kerimgil about the ATAA Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Turkey’s Cyprus Peace Operation and we are sharing the content on cyprusscene.com as below for those readers who also wish to celebrate this momentus operation which has led to Peace in Our Times in Cyprus since 20th July 1974.

This article also brings links to many thought provoking articles about information and facts that are not readily accepted by a worldwide audience.


Assembly of Turkish American Associations

ATAA Commemorates the 40th Anniversary

of Turkey’s Cyprus Peace Operation

Turkish soldier with a child

July 20, 1974 marks the day of the Turkish rescue and peace operation by the Turkish Army on Cyprus to protect the lives and liberties of the island’s Turkish community from mass extermination.

ATAA commends the Turkish Armed Forces Peacekeeping Mission which in 1974 intervened on the island to stop the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Turkish Cypriots by the Greek army and Greek Cypriot EOKA guerrillas since 1963.

ATAA supports the removal of the economic and cultural embargoes that have continued the racist policies of the Greek Cypriot government and violated the human rights of Turkish Cypriots on the island since 1974.

ATAA support the self-determination of Turkish-Cypriots, who at this time seek a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation on the island, in opposition to the Greek Cypriot government which seeks a politically, ethnically, and religiously Hellenic-dominated island.

For a summary of the Cyprus dispute 1960 – 1994, please click here to read the fact statement in the federal case of Crist v. Turkey, in which Greek Cypriot land claims against Turkey were defeated.

For ATAA’s Mission Report regarding Northern Cyprus, please click here.

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2 thoughts on “ATAA Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Turkey’s Cyprus Peace Operation

  1. Very rarely things are black and white, except in this case. Turkish armed forces, in line with their legal obligations has brought lasting peace and democracy not just to Cyprus but also to Greece.

    Turkish Cypriot’s fate would have been no different than Palestinians or Bosnians or Azeris of Karabag otherwise. The shame of a lively and peaceful democracy flourishing on their own lands being left out of the family of European nations and punished for the crime of being able survive belongs to others.

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