North Cyprus – TRNC News Today 16th July 2014 – Bakırcı: Water will be transferred end of September

TRNC News Today 16th July 2014

News :  Bakırcı: Water will be
transferred at the end of September

News : Erdoğan : A solution in Cyprus
depends on the will of the Greek Cypriots

Bakırcı: “Water will be transferred at the end of September.”

TRNC Minister for Natural Resources and Environment – Hamit Bakırcı stated that if everything goes to plan, water will be transferred from Hamit BakırcıTurkey to TRNC at the end of September. It will be directly distributed to Lefkoşa and available to the rest of the TRNC by the end of 2015

Bakırcı criticised the news that a committee had been set up regarding the water project in South Cyprus.

Speaking to Turkish channel A Haber, Bakırcı said, “The Project will be completed regardless of the committee that will be established on the Greek Cypriot side.”

Hamit Bakırcı pointed out that the TRNC Government always supports good relations with South Cyprus and added that if mutual good will, understanding and consent are reached between the two sides, the South will be able to benefit from the new water supply as well.

  Erdoğan: “The requisite base for a solution in Cyprus is the political will that needs to be shown by the Greek Cypriot side.”

Turkish Prime Minister and Presidential Candidate of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayip Erdoğan has stated that the Greek Recep Tayyip ErdoganCypriots must present a willingness to cooperate in order to find a solution to the Cyprus Problem.

Speaking at AK Party’s 7th traditional Iftar Dinner for Ambassadors, Erdoğan announced, “We, as Turkey want a political solution based on the political equality of two peoples and a mutual agreement. What is required for a solution in Cyprus is the political will of the Greek Cypriot side. We expect the international community to send this message decisively and vigorously to the Greek Cypriot side.”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office