February 5, 2023

Afternoon Air Display at the

SeAngle Bar, Çatalköy


By Chris Elliott

On the 20th July we will have celebrated with the Midnight Vigil for the Turkish Air Force jet.Turkish Armed Forces Peace Operation at Escape Beach, Karaoĝlanoĝlu and later in the day you can seek out shade and cooling breezes high up at the SeAngle Bar in Monteo Tea Room, Çatalköy and watch the fly past and aerial display by a pilot of a high performance jet from the Turkish Air Force flying over the sea and Girne Town at around 6.00pm.

Make sure you book your place by calling 0533 869 3834 and then sit back and relax from 4.00pm onwards and enjoy the excitement with an afternoon tea, snack or beer whilst listening to appropriate music.


SeAngle poster


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