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By Mary Day

 “Being A Child Shouldn’t Hurt” is the slogan of SOS Children’s Village’s Ramadan campaign one of which fully support. So true are the words “Being A Child Shouldn’t Hurt” be it emotionally, mentally or physically.

Now is your chance to make a contribution with the launch of a new campaign this month during the Holy month of Ramadan.

The number of children in the country needing protection is increasing every day. SOS Ramazan ilan

Today SOS Children’s Village is currently supporting and caring for two hundred and thirty two children, thanks to its various on-going programmes.

By giving our children a chance to realise their innocent needs, we can provide them with a happier childhood today, and a brighter adulthood tomorrow.

You Can Help Build A Brighter Future

With a donation of just 17.50TL – the recommended Ramadan charity donation amount announced by the TRNC Religious Affairs Department – you can provide these children with a brighter future.

Ways To Donate

  • SMS: Send a blank text message to 4120 to donate 17.50TL, via all mobile operators.

Those wanting to donate more can send as many messages as they wish to increase the amount they donate.

  • Bank deposits: Visit your nearest branch of the following banks and make a donation in these accounts:

          o Türk Bankası Ltd. (Turkish Bank): TL account 015848733 – Sterling account 7092674

          o Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası (Limasol Turkish Cooperative Bank):

.            TL account 600318 – Sterling account  700694

          o Kıbrıs Türk Kooperatif Merkez Bankası (Cyprus Turkish Cooperative Central Bank):

.            TL account 285258

          o Creditwest Bank: TL account 15304685

          o Online: To donate online, visit this link


SOS Children’s Village wishes everyone a happy Ramadan.

A loving home for every child

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SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, non-governmental, social development organisation that provides family-based care for children in 134 countries and territories, and advocates the concerns, rights and needs of children, especially of those without parental care.

More than 73,000 children and young people live in 491 SOS Children’s Villages and 396 SOS Youth Facilities around the world.Over 174,000 children and young people attend SOS Hermann Gmeiner schools, SOS Kindergartens and SOS Vocational Training Centres. Moreover, SOS Children’s Villages provide vulnerable families with material, psychological and social support. About 450,000 people benefit from these family support services and more than 480,000 people make use of the SOS Medical Centres. In times of crisis and disaster, SOS Children’s Villages help through emergency relief programmes.

For more details:
Fundraising and Public Relations Tel.: (0392) 225 7017, Fax: (0392) 225 3345, Email: 


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  1. We do apologize to our readers but the text donation option is at the moment unavailable, we have informed SOS & hope that this will be fixed as soon as possible. If possible please donate online by going to: Thank you for your understanding.